Anna Faris

Anna Faris Bikini Striped Hot Body in Hawaii… Yes, Anna Faris in a Bikini!

Anna Faris in a stripety bikini? Now we are talking. Oh, how I’ve been a big fan of Anna Faris for just about forever now. The comedic blonde hottie has mesmerized with the smile, the body, and did I mention the body?

We rarely get to see some serious skin from Anna, so imagine the treat when she appeared in a two piece showoff bit, stripes and all, flashing her MILFtastix veteran goodness. Sunglasses and a hat can’t hide those funbags I’ve memorized down to the centimeter. In fact, that’s the only reason I even learned the metric system, because inches were simply not detailed enough. Anna Faris in a bikini by the pool. Nobody pinch me. I do not want to wake up from this particular dream. Enjoy.

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Anna Faris And Kaley Cuoco Racktastic on the Peoples Choice Awards Red Carpet

The People’s Choice Awards truly are the red headed stepchild of the Awards Season. They’re actually the teen girl texting choice awards, not that it matters, but there should be some truth in advertising. I’m a people. I don’t choose Cody Simpson for President. Nevertheless, as for any big shindig in Hollywood, the hotties do come out to be noticed. Like the sextastic swallows returning to Capistrano, this annual January tradition finds some of our bustiest and most beautiful showing off their wares on star-studded red carpets.

Last night’s event clearly highlighted the outstanding headlights of Anna Faris and Kaley Cuoco, the former of whom literally blew my socks off with her cleavetastic ensemble, while Kaley, despite butching up her style, can’t help but remind us of the first time we big banged thinking about her. The duo formed quite a pair as the highlight of the hottie evening. Really, there was no need for the actual show after that. But they run it anyhow. Because once you’ve invented a fake award show that people just assume is real and watch, you’re not going to throw that fortune in the trash. Enjoy.

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Anna Faris Bare Bottom and Britt Ekland Bare Top Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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I’ve come to realize in my future golden years that the greatest gift the motion picture medium has given us through the years are the tremendous amounts of celebrity skin up close and almost quite personal in our face. Sure, there are the emotional and dramatic moments, the thrills, the tears, the laughs, but I can get those just at my gym filled with actors. It’s the sweet hot topless and nekkid bodies through the years that have made ticket prices worth paying. In honor of that pretty damn artificial sentiment of mine, we present to you this week’s Mr. Skin Minute courtesy of our friends at Mr.

This week’s MSM includes a sweet look at the bare sweet cheeks of Anna Faris in The House Bunny, Britt Ekland among other ladies in the re-released nutty skin filled flick from the early 70′s, The Wicker Man, and Emmanuelle Seigner quite topless and riding a hiruste gentleman in In the House. It’s a nice sixty seconds of skintastic preview you really must see. Enjoy.

(Naturally, don’t forget to be one of the cool kids with his own Mr. Skin online membership, for EgoReaders only.)

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Anna Faris Drops Some Sexy Bombs for Flaunt Magazine

We have a little lust crush for comedic actress Anna Faris, I don’t think it’s ever going away. The unstoppable fantasy of the hot girl who likes to watch Beavis & Butthead and knock back some Genessee lager and fart and them maybe have some slap and tickle without the need for any lovey-dovey or foreplay. At least, that’s the dream.

And the dream gets stronger with Anna delivering some of her innocent sextastic on the pages of Flaunt magazine, all kinds of blonde and teasy and fashionably hot. It works for me. I’m picking up a sixer of Jenny at the packy as we speak, awaiting Anna’s arrival. Enjoy.

MSM Weekly 60-Seconds of Skintastic Includes Anna Faris Buttside, Walking Tall Bare Tops, and Stefania Casini Ski-Poling (VIDEO)


Okay, let’s be honest, this is prom season, a time when you’re either about to, or not so fondly recalling, wasting a few hundred of your very hard earned dollars on the hopes of possible just seeing the hint of your date’s bare flesh puppy. Well, that’s a sucker bet, when for a few bucks and your DVD or Blu-Ray player, you can see tons o’ celebrity hot ta’s with a wonderful roadmap provided by our friends at Mr. Skin.

This week’s  Mr. Skin Minute includes Anna Faris bare delicious bottom in The House Bunny, a couple of 70′s topless mamas from the classic Walking Tall movie series, and Italian actress Stefania Casini in a scene from the movie 1900 that I didn’t even know existed (** warning, it contains DeNiro and Depardieu bare johnsons). Enjoy.

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First HD Clip from ‘The Dictator’ — Monkey on Roller Skates (VIDEO)

Dictator Clip
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What do you get when you put Sacha Baron Cohen in a military uniform? The Dictator. In the movie, Cohen plays a heroic dictator who risks his life to make sure that democracy never comes to the country he so lovingly oppresses.

You gotta give it to Cohen to think up some of Hollywood’s funniest, most ludicrous plots for his movies.


Anna Faris Flashes the Push Pops at the Premiere of ‘What’s Your Number?’

There’s no reason to hide it; I think Anna Farris is funny hot. And when you throw in the bouncy flouncy cleavage she was flashing at last night’s premiere of the undoubtedly craptastic chick flick, What’s Your Number, well, I’m prepared to go head over heels for the comedic actress. Anna, I can’t bring myself to watch your movie, but can we still a drink from my garage mini-fridge? I have Baileys minis courtesy of some unobservant flight attendants on Southwest Airlines. Enjoy.