Andressa Urach

Miss BumBum Andressa Urach Topless Once More for Miami Heat and Bikini Asstastic Views

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Ah, Miss BumBum of BumBum’s past, Andressa Urach is back and doing what only she can do on Miami Beach to get her curvaceous form into contention — taking off her top for some funbags in the sun time. Not that she’s the only one who can do this, but she is one of the few who dares to bare ta-ta’s on the shoreline where such exhibition is frowned upon by the po-po with I believe a death sentence in the State of Florida. It’s a risk worth taking I might add, ladies.

This isn’t just about sunbathing and prancing and preening, this is hot bodied sextastic international war daily on the beach. To paraphrase, you don’t bring a bikini top to a topless hot girl fight. Andressa Urach topless on a Jet Ski, now that’s an entry form filled out ever so perfectly. Well played, Miss BumBum, well played. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News

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Andressa Urach Topless Bikini Exhibition in Miami; Bring Down the Brazilian Hammer!

Brazilian Miss Butt Andressa Urach Topless in a Bikini on Miami Beach
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I’m not exactly sure why Miss Butt Butt Brazil isn’t in Brazil during these World Cup days, but we’re lucky to have her here stateside, in Miami, flashing a solid bit of her XXL badonkadonk, not to mention removing her bikini top just for bonus ogling points.

You may recall Andressa Urach is a regular visitor to Miami, and refuses to adapt to the inane U.S. custom of hiding her funbags. It is a silly traditiona after all with little merit. So, good on you, Andressa, not just for waving around that bottomside, but rooting from Brazil from afar with your guns pointed toward Rio. I can’t think of a better way to honor your team. Or give free boners to the boys on the beach. That’s benevolence. Enjoy.

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Andressa Urach Topless Beach Time BumBum Goodness

Andressa Urach Topless on a Beach in Lisbon
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You may recall that we fell deeply in lust with Andressa Urach last year when not only was she the runner up in the Miss BumBum Brazil contest, it was strongly rumored she was getting it on with the second runner up. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, it’s possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. And one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen is the keester and curvaceous goodness on Andressa as she splashes and plays on the beach and waterfront in Lisbon, Portugal.

I’ve never been to Lisbon before, but if I hopped off the plane and saw Andressa running around like this on the beach, I’d declare it my very favorite city in the world immediately. I’m a sucker for BBA’s (Big Beautiful Arses). Enjoy.

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Brazilian Miss Bumbum Runner-Up Andressa Urach Strips Topless on Miami Beach

Andressa Urach Bikini Strip Topless in Miami Beach
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You know we can’t get enough of the Brazilian Miss Bumbum awards, certainly including the first runner-up in this year’s competition, Andressa Urach, who became quite well known during this year’s competition not only for her noteworthy badonkadonk, but for strong rumors that she was bumping uglies with the second runner-up in the competition.

While reports of such smoking hot Sapphic butt banging remain unconfirmed (except in our dreams), I can confirm for you today that Andress Urach was most definitely stripping out of her bikini over the weekend in Miami.

Apparently, Miss Urach is not familiar with the social norms of the U.S. and related laws regarding public nudity. And, thank God for that, for Andressa treated us to a full-bodied view of tan-lined curves front and backside that had us demanding a Bumbum recount. Wow, that is all woman. Enjoy.