Andrea Guzman

Andrea Guzman and Her Namesake Topless For a Black and White Concept

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I’m not sure if this idea is genius, or just genius, but our friends at SoHo magazine down Sudamericana way decided to pair up Colombian hottie celebrities like Andrea Guzman and then find hot women with the same exact name and shoot them both together without much clothes on. Okay, I’m going to say genius. Truly any concept that involves sextastic women and flashing their hot lady junk, it’s a winner.

This is the same magazine that recently got mothers and daughters together for a shoot, so they’ve got some serious canoodling going on in their creative department. Consider me a big fan. Enjoy.

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Andrea Guzman Topless Photos for the Smoking Hot Telenovela Starlet Win

Andrea Guzman Topless Photoshoot for SoHo September 2012
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Yes, yes, I get the letters from all of you with real jobs complaining about how you have no time for many hours a day watching Latin American soap operas. And do you know what I do with those letters? I print them and use them as coasters for the Tecates I sip as I watch even more telenovela hottie madness from my Barcalounger. We all have roles to play in this world.

And roles on TV, like Andrea Guzman, star of numerous Colombian bitch slapping afternoon fare, whose grandest role of all is flashing her sweet hot body on the pages of SoHo magazine. No abogados. No policia. No doctores. Just wicked hot Andrea Guzman body. La mas sexual. Disfruta.