Andrea Calle

Andrea Calle Stretching Toward Boobtastic Greatness Working Out in the Park

Andrea Calle isn’t just preparing to join the hot body competition in Miami, she’s sweating to make it happen. And, blessedly, she’s doing so in stretch pants and a cleavetastic sports bra in the park right near the beach. Give the competition a little something to worry about which each leg stretch and deep asstastic bend, knowing what it will mean when she dons the bikini at some point this week to stake her claim to the title on the beach.

The Colombiana sextastic sports reporter knows the beach battle will be stiff, so she needs to be limber. Seeing her reverse crabs I have no doubt she’s ready to take her racktastic straight to the surf and wage head to head, err body to body battle. Winter is heating up in Miami, one hottie in stretch pants in the park at a time. Loving life. Enjoy.

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Andrea Calle Stretches Her Asstastic for Miami Park Workout Peeks

I mean, you can’t just take a rump like that and rev it up to 60 while still cold. It’s a good way to blow out a nice sports car, and, more importantly, to injure a mighty find thumper like on the body of Latina MMA contributor, Andrea Calle. The competition for round tight booty workout awards along Miami Beach is super stiff, as are the gentleman oglers privy to the sight of all the contestants. Andrea Calle is certainly in the running, also the stretching, preening, and posing.

If I lived in Miami I believe I’d be in much better shape. Not just because of the year round climate allowing for outdoor activities, but because I’d constantly be having to pretend to work out so I could get up close to the hot girls in the park kneading their buns like a heavenly dough. At least without anyone calling the police to question my need for binoculars in the park. Andrea, your curves are killing me. In the nicest way. Enjoy.

Andrea Calle’s Sweaty Workout At The Park

MMA reporter and sexy person Andrea Calle had a nice sweaty workout in tiny tight athletic gear at a park in Miami. She wore a sportsbra that kept her large Latin funbags tight and secure. It also created some outstanding cleavage. I believe when ta-tas are all sweaty and pushed up like that is what is meant by the sleazy romance novel verb “heaving”. Her amazing girls were heaving in that sports bra. But the bottoms are what fill me with particular delight. Andrea has a truly extraordinary booty that was made to be shown off in tight shorts. Her derriere is so shapely and curvy but is nicely toned as well. Add to that a hint of camel toe due to the tightness of the shorts and you have the makings of an epic set of pictures.

I admire people who have the discipline to exercise daily. I admire people who are hot and workout every day in tight Spandex even more.

Andrea Calle Bikini Booty Delights on South Beach Tickle My Fancies

Wow, the Latina girls are doing something fierce in the bikini booty department this day in Miami. Add to that list of sextastic exhibition Andrea Calle, the Colombiana hottie reporter whose rear end I’d like to report myself in terms of moving violations. At least I feel particularly moved whilst ogling her fine thong clad thumper sashaying across the sandy beach.

At some point I need to start selling programs down on Miami Beach so visitors can recognize the various hot celebrity bums. You can’t tell the thumpers without a program I’ll shout from my stand with the $5 sign pasted to the front. I’d like to raise enough money to send myself back to high school. Andrea Calle, you and your sweet seat meat are definitely in my program. Enjoy.

Andrea Calle Heats Up Miami in a Bikini

Andrea Calle Booty Crazy Hot in Booty Shorts in South Beach

Tis the season for hot Latina booty in Miami. It’s World Cup season and all guns are blazing for attention in the sports world, including the grandest sport of them all — thumper preening workouts. Andrea Calle is clearly a contender for most watchable booty in South Florida this year. That bottomside on the MMA Spanish TV hottie is simple beyond spankable, not that I wouldn’t try.

Sure, soccer is a pretty popular game around the world. But wake me when it’s nearly as enticing as ogling the hot bodies on the finest women in the world. Enjoy.

Andrea Calle Bikini Soccer Hot Booty Bodied Fun Time in Miami

Goal! Yes, it’s soccer pun and fun time as the World Cup gets ready to kick off down Brazil way tomorrow. You can expect not just every bandwagon soccer fun to be jumping on board this sporting event, but, naturally, the Latinas are going to be flashing their hardcores in support of the beautiful game.

MMA sports reporter Andrea Calle took her soccer ball and salacious curves in a yellow bikini onto the beach for a little hot hot warmup time. Oh, that bodacious booty on that girl makes me want to get really into a sport with no shot clock and a strategy of passing the ball backwards to avoid aggressive play. Well, like the sport or not, there’s no denying that a thousand million crazy hot women around the world are really into it. So I suggest for the next month you at least make the effort to pretend. Enjoy.