Amy Landecker

Emmy Rossum Topless Shameless Hot; Weekend Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Emmy Rossum Bra Scene Shameless
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How can we ever lament a weekend that includes Emmy Awesome topless? 

One of our most faptastic brunette thespianics continued to show why she deserves your attention, your applause, and quite likely your woodland axe being raised, as she once again peeled off her top on camera in the second season of Shameless, a show that if you’re not watching regularly, well, shame on you. Because this weekend’s Shameless also included a robust topless backside banging courtesy of blonde hottie Laura Wiggins, and a macabre topless turn from Molly Price. And, let we leave out House of Lies, a show that seems merely designed to get Don Cheadle pressing flesh with hot nekkid chicks each week, did not disappoint with Amy Landecker flashing kinky boobtastic peeks. Enjoy.

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