Amy Childs

Amy Childs Bikini Pictures May Not Exactly Fit, But Is Anyone Complaining?

The Only Way is Essex reality show has brought us many great things, though I can’t possibly think of any of them right now, besides the bulging boobtastic of Amy Childs.

Maybe not a natural red, but ginger enough for me today when spilling out of what appears to be a bikini a couple sizes too small for her inordinate supply. Not that I’m chastising. On the contrary, I’d probably throw dollars.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And Amy Childs has got a whole lot of it. Enjoy.

Amy Childs Gold Bikini Pimps for Jewelry Launch

We do so love our TOWIE boobtastic babes, the girls for whom we know (and care) so little about outside of their bodacious Britty bodies and the reality of their reality show ta-ta’s.

And putting those marvelous mammaries to good and commercial use is Amy Childs, the red-headed bosomy babe from TOWIE-land who was decked out in a pimped out gold bikini to promote a jewelry launch at the Mayfair Hotel in London. Now, while we’d prefer to see the curvaceous Amy Childs without so much as a hint of gold on her body, I suppose there’s something to be said for million dollar bras and the like. In the very least, we’d finally have to learn to take off a bra properly without just ripping. Enjoy.

Amy Childs Uses Her Big Ta-Tas to Sell Her Celebrity Stank

Kind of torn on this one. We’re tempted to buy anything that is sold by way of big boob promotion. You put a pair of oversized melons out there for us to leer, and we barely realize we’re pulling our wallets from our pockets to purchase.

Then again, we have a zealous aversion to all things celebrity odoriferous. The world needs more celebrity perfumes like it needs more wars or more Justin Biebers. Not so much.

Still, give effort points for Amy Childs for flashing her large ripe chest puppies in support of her personal aromatic. I have no idea what this eau d’ toilette smells like, but unless the perfume causes me full delusion of motorboating those Amy Childs mammaries, I’m not plunking down my shekels. Enjoy.

Amy Childs Vajazzles Her Vajayjay for the Almighty Dollar

Well, this is a new form of shizz pimping we haven’t seen quite yet.

TOWIE alum Amy Childs  has been opening salons and selling picked fish, and every other which way she can find to milk her profound milkers for more cash from her fifteen minutes of reality fame and she’s really outdone herself this time, promoting a Vajazzler product, which, for those of you now into the female private parts decoration fetish fan clubs like myself, means dazzling up the lady nest area with sparkles and glitter and shiny beads. I think it’s one of those things that women think men find sexy but just turns out to make men confused and frightened and unsure what to do. Kind of like bras.

But Amy Childs had her twin mojos working the sales nonetheless in London, trying to push as many Vajazzler canisters as possible before shoppers actually had the time to think to themselves, ‘Is this really such a groovy idea afterall?’  Enjoy.

Amy Childs SS12 Fashion Show in London

Amy Childs, Chloe Sims, and Tulisa Contostavlos Lead List of Cleavetastic Celebs at National Television Awards

You know how we love our hottie British TV starlets. The lasses with the fine asses and the year-round tans, all complementing their ridiculously flashy cleavetastic ever on display be it at 3am after a inebriated night on the town, or on the red carpet at the National Television Awards last night in the U.K., where some of our favorite soap stars and reality show vixens flashed their finer womanly wares.

While there were numerous and sextastic sundry ladies strutting the red carpet, a few stood out more than others in our ogling minds, including Chloe Sims, Amy Childs, Tulisa Contostavlos, Jessica Wright, Jorgie Porter, Lauren Pope, and newcomer to us, Carol Vorderman, who at age 51 still put on a noticeably rocking hot decked out with big fun bags performance last night.

It was all good for the telly treats. Enjoy.

Amy Childs Loaded Photoshoot Outtakes