Amanda Seyfried

Olivia Wilde and Rebecca Romijn Lead Hottie Pack at CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

Back in the day, this kid Steve Fairly-Weathers had a brilliant idea to get a bunch of us high school kids laid. We'd invite over a bunch of girls from school to his place for chips and dip, and subtly drop in the adult films he had procured from his friend who had a friend who worked at a black-bag video store. Surely, the members of the fairer sex would be so overwhelmed with uncontrollable urges brought on by Ron Jeremy as the grabby office boss that a veritable bacchanalia would break out and a Roman style orgy would ensue. Yeah, no. Steve Fairly-Weathers got punched in the stomach by a girl named Sue and the Vice-President of the Chess Club I had a crush on called me a pervert and told me not to talk to her at school ever again. Point being, the man's way is no way to get a woman.

The same can be said when it comes to the world of women's fashion. Granted, what we know personally about fashion can be summed up as 'quick trip to Target to buy new retro t-shirts, don't forget coupons', but when it comes to the clothing for the hot ladies, we surely have preferences, generally starting with no clothes, and pretty much concluding there. However, early life lessons learned the hard way, if you want to get the sexy ladies to show up, you can't have a nekkid fashion awards. If only. So you need to put together something like the Vogue Fashion Fund awards, where the hot celebrities can get all decked out and compliment each other on how amazing they look even though they're jealous as hell of each and the in-tuned male of the species can tell them how amazing they look because he knows that's one of the five secret keys to opening the lady vault and, suddenly you have a thing.

And that thing brought out the likes of Rebecca Romijn, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Allison Williams, Rooney Mara, and Karine Vanasse. A full on sextastic bunch of grapes. And nobody had to get punched in the stomach. This is the value of forward thinking. Enjoy.

Mama Mia!

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Amanda Seyfried Candid Bikini Top Pictures Are a Sight for Eyes Sore from Staring

Well, well, well, what do we have here.

It's really really hard to find skin-revealing photo opportunities with our Nordic princess, Amanda Seyfried. Sure, lots of jogging and dog walking and spandex shorts flashing the toned hammies, but a bikini top with a nice hint of the fabulous funbags she hides to our dismay, well, candidly speaking, this is a fine day for candids. Caught at a pool party in Miami over the weekend, the bikin-top clad pale bombshell gives us a glimpse of at least how I envision Christmases Yet to Come. And it's not scary at all. Enjoy.

Gangster’s Paradise

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Baby, Baby, Baby Oh!

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Amanda Seyfried Flashes Her Toned Gams at ‘In Time’ Premiere

Well, now you know why Amanda Seyfried has spent every day of the past month or so in L.A. out in short shorts walking, running, jogging, and hiking, all for the big (and most definitely worthwhile payoff) at the London premiere of In Time, where our little Nordic princess sported a more haute couture version of her daily revealing shorts, flashing those ever-so-toned-by-exercise legs. I must admit, I had thought she was doing all that jogging just for us gawkers to stare and drool, but I suppose she had bigger motives. Either way, we still get to enjoy.

Amanda Seyfried Power Walks, We Power-Leer At Her Hot Sweaty Chest

Amanda Seyfried can't stop walking and we can't stop watching her in the progressively tighter tops she's been sporting around Los Angeles. I know Amanda is big on her privacy and doesn't like attention when out and about, but she's about three sweaters short if she's hoping to avoid the eyes of 99% of man-kind that can't help but whip its collective retinal cones toward the direction of a hot female jogger in a boobtastic-clinging lycra top, let alone one as hot as our Nordic princess, Amanda Seyfried.

Amanada keeps jogging and I keep getting sweatier. Enjoy.