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Who Wants to Hear What Amanda Seyfried Has to Say About Playing a Porn Star? You Do.

Amanda Seyfried Has something to tell you about vaginas

How do you market a biopic about porn star Linda Lovelace and her role in the seminal1972 adult film Deep Throat? First you tell men that the film exists. Then you have the film’s incredibly gorgeous star, Amanda Seyfried, go on a publicity tour and talk about it…and her own private sex life.

The 27-year-old bombshell recently did an interview with Elle about her role as the title character in the upcoming Lovelace, and this is what she had to say about why she took it:

I read the script and I was like, ‘Wow, this is the riskiest thing that’s happening [in Hollywood] right now.’ The first thing you think about is that it could have ruined my career. At the same time, I was like, ‘This is my chance to show them, to show the industry, to be recognized.’

As for what it was like to pretend to be a woman who gets busy on camera for a living, well, it sounds like that was pretty intense. Speaking to the Associated Press, Seyfriend had this to say:

I had a hard time letting go of Linda at the end of the movie. I had a really intense time with Peter Sarsgaard [who plays Lovelace’s co-star/husband, Chuck Traynor]. I think we both had a hard time letting go because we went to these places. He played a man who consistently beat his wife. And I played a woman who was raped and abused, psychologically and physically. I was constantly taking my clothes off. I didn’t have an issue with that. She had an issue with that. So it was a lot.

Whoa, that’s heavy. Let’s lighten things up a bit and wrap this post up with a quote from Seyfried about her own sexuality. Maybe bit of life wisdom that she’s discovered by playing a porn star?

Everybody I’ve dated I’ve been sexually attracted to immediately. Sparks don’t grow—your vagina doesn’t become more inclined to wanting someone just because you’re around them.

Yep, that’s what I’m talking about. And what the hell—here’s a clip of Seyfriend talking about Lovelace and popsicles with Conan O’Brien:

Lovelace hits theaters August 9.

Here’s Some More Mainstreamed Porn: The ‘Lovelace’ Trailer (VIDEO)

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A few weeks back, I talked about how the upcoming film Live Nude Girls was a great way to trick your girlfriend into watching naked women. Well Hollywood has expanded on that thought with Lovelace, a biopic about 70′s porn icon Linda Lovelace.


New ‘Lovelace’ Poster Shows Off Amanda Seyfried’s Killer Gams

Back in caveman oldentimes, when you had to see your porn in movie theaters with other people next to you, there was one movie that done changed the game: Deep Throat. It added things to semi-public fappery that it had never really had before. Things you really care about like a script, a soundtrack, and professional production staff. Most importantly, it had the incredibly sexy Linda Lovelace.

Lovelace was just a small town girl with a big city throat capacity and no gag reflex. Clearly, her story also involves all kinds of messed-up childhood events and whatnot. Thankfully, the independent film industry decided that her screwed-up story was worth putting on the big screen.

The appropriately titled Lovelace, stars everyone’s favorite cure for The Miserables, Amanda Seyfried. We’re not certain it’s going to be anything worth seeing storywise, but at least the flick’s new poster reminds us that that we’ll get to see a lot more of Seyfried’s best assets. See you in August, Seyfried gams.

Amanda Seyfried’s Boobs Are Shrinking?

This week in Highly Dubious News, apparently being all famous and stuff makes your boobs shrink. According to Amanda Seyfried, being in the spotlight has ruined her once voluptuous figure. She told Ellen Degeneres this week:

 I had beautiful huge breasts and then I came to Hollywood and I was like, ‘I got to lose weight. I got to look thin and fit.’ And I lost them a little bit.

So, if we follow Seyfried’s logic, having to give in to the pressure of looking great makes you look less great? We’re not buying it. At all. Even worse, she had this to say:

I don’t miss them because they were quite uncomfortable but they looked beautiful. I was feminine. I had some nice curves and I think that we should really appreciate that as opposed to trying to get rid of everything.

At least we can all agree on one of those things, if they’re going to shrink, we’ll definitely miss them.



Amanda Seyfried Desperately Hot Outtakes from People Magazine (But Not the World’s Most Beautiful)

Just when you thought People Magazine’s naming of Gwyneth Paltrow as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman couldn’t get any more plain-faced ludicrous, outtakes emerge of Amanda Seyfried from the very same edition of the magazine that ought make it clear that even if Amanda and Gwyneth were the last two women left on this planet, Gwyneth Paltrow would not be the World’s Most Beautiful Woman.

I’m not saying Amanda Seyfried is. You know I shy away from superlatives when it comes to the sextastic. Plus, I’m not trying to kiss anybody’s ass to get an exclusive cover feature interview and photos. So, that helps. But I will say that while the claim made by the magazine about Gwyneth made us laugh, had they made the same claim about Amanda, we at least would have agreed to call it debatable. We do so like our Nordic Princess, Amanda. Enjoy.

Amanda Seyfried and Naomi Watts Topless in This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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While summer blockbuster season is nearly upon us, year-round celebrity knockers season is ever upon us thanks to our friends at Mr. Skin and their forecast of all things flesh-on-cinema courtesy of their weekly Mr. Skin Minute. I can’t say we’d be totally lost without them, but I will say life would be far less R-rated.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Amanda Seyfried not showing skin in The Big Wedding, but definitely topless with co-star Julianne Moore, model and actress Bar Paly flashes cheeks in Pain & Gain coming out in theaters, and Naomi Watts topless (albeit, pretty rugged) in The Impossible now out on Blu-Ray. Quite a nice trio of celebrity skin to visually consume. Enjoy.

(And don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming up, so get the mother of all memberships at Mr. Skin for Egotastic! readers.)

Check Out the Uncensored Mr. Skin Minute Video »

Amanda Seyfried Cleavy Hot for Allure

Allure magazine is having quite the week. First, the teasy, but quite welcome covered nekkid photos of four hot TV actresses, followed now by a pictorial of sextastic pale Amanda Seyfried, a tad bit innocent, but a tad bit cleavy, which is a tad bit exciting for us here.

Amanda Seyfried may be pale as a ghost, but she remains one of our favorite Nordic minxy hotties. She photos and films just amazing, as evidenced by this photo array in Allure. Am I laying out all these compliments to Amanda in some cheap and desperate attempt to get into her pants? Yes. Yes I am. Enjoy.