Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny Tight Shorts, Hot Booty, Playing the Round Ball

I'm not exactly sure why Playmate Amanda Cerny is in a tight sports bra and short shorts playing basketball. Sometimes, it's best not to ask the obvious question as it might anger the gods who take away the goodies. We would not want that. What I am sure of is that this is the most interesting bit of women's basketball I've seen in, well, let's be polite and not say forever. How about a very long time?

Amanda has simply one wicked hot body. You add in the elements of skin tight revealing clothes, that absolutely wrecking ball of a bottom, and sports, and you have the picture perfect recipe for making men whimper out your name. Amanda. You are a real full-court piece of work. Enjoy.

Amanda Cerny Bikini Hotness Pimping that Bottled Water on Valentine’s Day

Still no sign of the actual water for sale, but boy do they keep photoshooting hot girls in bikinis holding their bottles and pouring their expensive agua over their chests.

The latest, a return visit from bunny hottie Amanda Cerny who in a red bikini could probably get me to buy that water even if I was drowning. She has one fine female form, just ever so righteous in that brightly colored two piece, a tribute to St. Valentine's that will cost you nothing and not leave that disappointed look on your girlfriend's face. Unless of course she catches you getting too personal with these photos of Amanda Cerny. Enjoy.

Amanda Cerny, Jessa Hinton, and Shelby Chesnes Drop Some Playmate Hot Bodies for Guitar World

Guitar World magazine figured why not wrap up their end of the year edition with three ridiculously hot girls holding guitars. And that's an excellent question. Everything is better with Playmates, like Amanda Cerny, Jessa Hinton, and Shelby Chesnes who remind me through their smoking sextastic bodies why I desperately took guitar lessons at age twelve to be a future rock and roll star. My inability to ever play a chord hindered my rock and roll stardom, and, alas, I'm realizing only now, my chance at Playmate sex.

Still, dare to dream young man. If you learn to handle the axe and get yourself into a happening band, you will be drowning in fine female forms. It's the first rule of nature really. And unless you were born to be an athlete, I'd choose the guitar. Now, go forth and rip it. Enjoy.

Amanda Cerny Bikini Pictures Keep on Booby Rolling for 138 Water

Another day, and, yes, another 138 Water photoshoot. The Apollo Space program launched with less prep work than this bottled water company is putting into their advanced marketing with dozens and dozens of how celebrity model photoshoots along the beaches, hills, and hotel balconies of Los Angeles. Then again, the Space program never had anybody who looked at crazy boobtastic hot as Amanda Cerny in her bikinis along the beach.

I have no idea how this is supposed to sell fancy bottled water other than to say that if Amanda Cerny told me to buy it, I would. If she told me to buy it and give up beer, I'd tell her she had to sweeten the pot. A man can only be pushed so far in the matter of pure lust-filled submission. Enjoy.

Amanda Cerny Bikini Pictures for Playmate H20 Pimping Time

Another day, another 138 Water shoot. This time featuring the amazing Amanda Cerny in a bikini that highlights her outrageously hot body. I'm not exactly sure how it's supposed to be selling bottled water, or that 138 Water even actually sells water, but they sure do like publicizing their hot girl photo shoots. And we sure do like leering at hot girls in bikinis, so it all seems to work out pretty righteous

Just so long as nobody asks me to spend my hard-earned beer money on something that flows out of taps for free. Enjoy.

We Saw Amanda Cerny In Her Bikini; Now Let’s See Her Nekkid on the Pages of Playboy


Oh yes, my, yours, and grandma's very favorite game of all time. That one where we see a wicked hot celebrity in little bits of clothes then I pretend that a million people called me to demand to see her nekkid not long after and I willingly oblige. Yep, Amanda Cerny, the latest promotional model for 138 Water, not so long ago, just two years ago, was a very special ridiculously hot Playboy Playmate. Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus, we can now take a look at Amanda completely nekkid.

Run or Crawl But Don't Walk, to Get Your Playboy Plus Discounted Membership

Not that bikini pictures are anything to scoff at, but seeing the full and true wonders of a Playmate on sensual exhibition, well, that is another matter altogether. A matter I will be reflecting upon not long from now, once I get this bolt lock fixed on my door. So damn hot I want to drop to my knees and tell the stuffed bear mounted on my wall to thank Mother Nature for her epic creation. Enjoy.

Amanda Cerny Bikini Pictures The Latest and Greatest to Get the 138 Water Dowsing Treatment

I'm not exactly sure who is backing these 138 Water company folks, but they've got hot model photoshoots going on all over Los Angeles these days, and almost daily it seems. We've seen a half-dozen or so wicked hot young brunettes now mostly hoisting their water bottles to take sips or just pour agua all over their barely covered chests. I'm not complaining by a long shot. Just curious.

It's a natural sentiment one feels after seeing the likes of Playboy Playmate Amanda Cerny in her turn at the boobtastic water wheel. Her fine full jugs glistening for the sake of water bottle sales. It all seems so perfect up in the Hills above Beverly. Kind of makes me wish I could turn myself into liquid form. Enjoy.