Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny, Gisele Bundchen, Jaime King And Emily Didonato Topless Covered in the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

No sextastic celebrity can resist the allure of self-published social media hottie pics. It’s simply just too powerful a temptation. Even Iggy Azalea who I believe quit social media several weeks ago is back with a new photo. It’s the biggest game in town and girls with big egos are simply not going to miss it. Thankfully so.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes a series of beautiful women barely covered including Amanda Cerny, Gisele Bundchen, Emily Didonato, and Jaime King, not to mention a noteworthy appearance from Kylie Jenner racktastic and Anastasia Ashley asstastic. It’s quite a thing. Chock full of goodies that won’t rot your teeth, just the happy parts of your mind. You owe it to your March Madness bracket which is about to become scrap paper to check out each and every one of these passion inducing personal uploads. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Amanda Cerny Bares Midriff While Shooting An Editorial For 138 Water In LA

Professional hot person Amanda Cerny showed off her tight stomach during a shoot for sexy lady employer 138 Water. We cover a lot of bare mid-riffs here at Egotastic but Amanda’s belly is something special. She’s got a nice thin hourglass figure and the shape of her abdomen is amazeballs. Add to that the fact that it is incredibly well toned and muscular and you’ve got the makings of a sexy pic. She’s also sporting what looks like leather pants. Is there anything sexier than a woman in leather pants? Only a leather miniskirt comes close. If you must be fully dressed it is the best choice for being fully covered but still get men’s pressure up.

This is a lot of clothes for a 138 Water shoot though. Usually the girl has on a thong bikini and that’s it. I hope they aren’t changing editorial styles.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Amanda Cerny Swimsuit Sextastic in Caribbean Waters

I’m not sure if that silly water company is still shooting the crazy hot Amanda Cerny, or if she’s just hanging back in Aruba because she’s now part of the national landscape and the island nation has named her a historical treasure. I can see that being a likely scenario. I’d certainly pull whatever strings necessary to keep the Playboy Playmate on my little atoll of lust and passion and leather goods.

Amanda Cerny looks amazing in a bikini, but she even manages to push the swimsuit and shorts look into something more than just a slightly memorable visual experience. She’s the sextastic siren that calls out to men and drives their ships into the rocks and they probably at least go out happy. I’m ready to crash into Amanda. I have bumpers, I’ll be good. Enjoy.

Amanda Cerny Red Bikini Red Hotness in Aruba

This 138 Water ruse has moved operations down to the Caribbean, which is a good thing if you happen to be a fan of wicked hot girls like Amanda Cerny in skimpy red bikinis all wet and shimmering beneath the tropical sun. I know I am.

I’m not sure the outrageously sextastic Amanda Cerny and that top ranked body of hers are going to get a single soul to buy any bottled water, even if they could find the brand in any store. I do know she is going to cause millions of men to do a few extra crunches at the gym and think about calling themselves something vague like ‘producers’ should they ever cross paths with Amanda in a Starbucks or Pilates offering facility. It’s certainly more likely to work than ‘intimate groomer’ as an occupation as I told the last Playboy model I unsuccessfully met. I was really sure that was going to pop. Amanda, keep on being crazy hot. Enjoy.


Amanda Cerny Tight Shorts, Hot Booty, Playing the Round Ball

I’m not exactly sure why Playmate Amanda Cerny is in a tight sports bra and short shorts playing basketball. Sometimes, it’s best not to ask the obvious question as it might anger the gods who take away the goodies. We would not want that. What I am sure of is that this is the most interesting bit of women’s basketball I’ve seen in, well, let’s be polite and not say forever. How about a very long time?

Amanda has simply one wicked hot body. You add in the elements of skin tight revealing clothes, that absolutely wrecking ball of a bottom, and sports, and you have the picture perfect recipe for making men whimper out your name. Amanda. You are a real full-court piece of work. Enjoy.

Amanda Cerny Bikini Hotness Pimping that Bottled Water on Valentine’s Day

Still no sign of the actual water for sale, but boy do they keep photoshooting hot girls in bikinis holding their bottles and pouring their expensive agua over their chests.

The latest, a return visit from bunny hottie Amanda Cerny who in a red bikini could probably get me to buy that water even if I was drowning. She has one fine female form, just ever so righteous in that brightly colored two piece, a tribute to St. Valentine’s that will cost you nothing and not leave that disappointed look on your girlfriend’s face. Unless of course she catches you getting too personal with these photos of Amanda Cerny. Enjoy.

Amanda Cerny, Jessa Hinton, and Shelby Chesnes Drop Some Playmate Hot Bodies for Guitar World

Guitar World magazine figured why not wrap up their end of the year edition with three ridiculously hot girls holding guitars. And that’s an excellent question. Everything is better with Playmates, like Amanda Cerny, Jessa Hinton, and Shelby Chesnes who remind me through their smoking sextastic bodies why I desperately took guitar lessons at age twelve to be a future rock and roll star. My inability to ever play a chord hindered my rock and roll stardom, and, alas, I’m realizing only now, my chance at Playmate sex.

Still, dare to dream young man. If you learn to handle the axe and get yourself into a happening band, you will be drowning in fine female forms. It’s the first rule of nature really. And unless you were born to be an athlete, I’d choose the guitar. Now, go forth and rip it. Enjoy.