Ali Lohan

Lindsay Lohan and Sister Ali Lohan Leggy Lovelies at LOVE Magazine Christmas Party in London

It wouldn’t really be Christmas without Lindsay Lohan and her ample chest making an appearance at some Yuletide fiestas. Lindsay and her little sister Ali Lohan cleaned up rather nicely for the Love magazine Christmas party in London town last night. Now, I wasn’t invited to that event, but Big Joe from the smoked meats store down the block here told me to come by for eggnog and brisket next Monday. No need to clean up for that.

Lindsay Lohan has been starring in a legit theater production in England the past several months. The reviews have been not so surprisingly not super positive. Yet, we haven’t heard or seen of Lindsay falling down in the street since she started her new gig. And with family by her side, at least, family that hasn’t tried to ruin her in the past, perhaps she’s back on track to being the ginger topped racktastic lovely of our previous not super distant ago dreams. She has the shape working. If she can just hold back on that sauce. Here’s to hoping for a healthy showy Lindsay in 2015. And Little Sis too, naturally. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet / GSI / Splash News

Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan Bikini Playtime on a Yacht in Capri

I can’t remember if world’s most lovable mother Dina Lohan is still sending out nasty messages about people showing pictures of Ali Lohan, but here goes nevertheless. Ali, and her more famous and infamous older sister Lindsay Lohan were swimming and sunbathing in two piece swimwear on a yacht off the coast of Italy as, you know, many of us do from time to time. It’s a rather rare day that we see even one, let alone both Lohan sisters in clear bikini shots. I think it’s been at least a couple years now. But, there they are, flashing their bodies toward El Sol and taking a dip in the Mediterranean.

Granted, the Lohan girls and Lindsay may not look precisely in their prime, as they were in their prime, but as always I hold out hope for a return to glory before the days of wine and roses and all the other things less legal than wine and roses. Thy body is a temple and all that. But where there once was sextastic, there ever remains hope. It’s like The Force, it sleeps, but never fades. Enjoy.

Ali Lohan Goes Braless and Flashes Panties in Support of Sister Lindsay on Hawaiian Vacation

You know Egotastic! does not believe in coincidences, so when the Lohan sisters are hours into a plane flight to Hawaii the minute the Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos ‘leak’ early, well, even half-brains like ourselves begin to get suspicious of the timing. 

Nevertheless, the dash to the 50th state not only produced our first candids of Lindsay since seeing her topless in Playboy, but it brought to the forefront the rather up-and-coming nature of younger sister, Ali Lohan, who despite seemingly have done something unfavorably artificial to her face, when she gets all braless and flashing a bit of panties in short shorts, well, it’s hard not to remember how we first fell in lust with Lindsay.

At some point we did remove Ali Lohan from these parts after perennial ‘mom of the year’ Dina Lohan made a specific request, but given what’s transpired since then, like dad Michael getting arrested for domestic abuse and Dina getting loaded and seemingly making out with her daughter, we figured perhaps Ali was better off in our loving care. Time to re-introduce Ali Lohan and her long lean body to Egotastic!

Ali will be 18 in just ten more days herself, then imagine the photo possibilities. Enjoy.