Alessia Tedeschi

Alessia Tedeschi Green Thong Bikini In Miami Thumper Show

The Italians are coming! The Italians are coming! Model and TV thespianic and rumored new Ronaldo girlfriend from the boot, Alessia Tedeschi, was flashing her superior thong asstastic along Miami Beach just to represent the hottest cheeks of the Roman Empire and remind everybody in Miami that the hottest bikini body competition remains completely wide open. One day you’re on top, the next day there’s an even finer female form in a thong on top of you. That is only my best dream ever.

Alessia is sharing shows of her sextastic in a bikini that you only wear when you know it’s going to burst some hearts and pop some eyeballs along the beach. This isn’t a tester suit for a novice, this is a thing for a woman who’s seen ten thousand leers upon her hind-side and knows exactly how booty awesome she is. I find that confidence to be incredibly alluring. I wish I could get close enough to tell Alessia this very same thing, while gently caressing her thumper to drive home the point. I have trouble jumping steps. Enjoy
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Alessia Tedeschi Booty of Extreme Visual Pleasure Returns in Thong Glory to Miami

The super fine and prime time booty of Miss Italy Alessia Tedeschi magically reappeared on Miami Beach in what has to be one of my happiest moments so far of 2015. Last year we were introduced to the Tedeschi thumper from The Boot, this year I truly want to savor the visual moments spent eyeballing every tanned inch.

Alessia obliged in a green thong bottom that hides nary much of her blessed bottom side in various positions, preens, and poses along the sandy strip of dredged shoreline. I can’t imagine there could be a better cover photo for an Italian travel guide then one of these bikini snapshots of Alessia’s sweet cheek meat. And the best part is, you only have to go as far as Miami to get there. No offense, Alitalia. Enjoy.

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Alessia Tedeschi In An Animal Print Bikini In Miami

Alesia Tedeschi is looking fine as F in a very small animal print bikini. The beauty was vacationing in Mexico when she chose the tiniest most animalistic bikini she could find. Allesia’s breasties look fantastic surrounded by animal print. It’s almost like we are living in caveman days and she’s got her love jugs swathed in a fur her hunter man killed for her. I’m pretty sure, however, that cavewomen never had thong bikini bottoms like she does. They accentuate her perfectly tanned and firm behind. In a couple of the pictures you can see wet sand clinging ever so tenderly to her pants meat. Oh, to be a grain of sand on that derriere…

I just thought of how I’m going to make a lot of money. I’m going to go to Miami and open a bikini store. It’s all anyone seems to wear down there. I’m like one of five Cubans who isn’t in Miami anyway so it works out.

Good God, Take Me Now! Alessia Tedeschi’s Thumper Will Be My Undoing.

I mean, this Miami beach international booty competition is getting downright ridiculous. I mean ridiculous like the kids say, meaning, it’s awesome. Crazy kids.

Alessia Tedeschi and her Italian beauty pageant winning thumper was on prime display on the beach in a monokini that showed off her entire crazy hot beach body. Her frontside and side sides and topsides are hardly slouches. But that curvy tight and tanned badonkadonk. Wow. I just want to cup her cheeks in my hands and cry like an infant with a soiled diaper. In fact, I might even soil myself just for authenticity sake. I go deep into method. Alessia, please, don’t ever put that dangerous weapon of yours in its holster. Free the booty! Enjoy.

Alessia Tedeschi Hot Bodied in Blue in Miami

The Italians are coming! Well, more of them. Lovely sultry hot ladies of The Boot are flocking in increasing numbers to our nation’s very own Miami Beach to join in the international hot bikini body informally taking place there daily.

You can add Alessia Tedeschi to the list of competition now. The Italian model and occasional actress opted for a one piece swimsuit to open her own resume on the beach, a conservative move that still caught tons of ogling eyeballs with her ridiculously sextastic female form. Quite an opening salvo. I suspect we’ll be seeing more shortly. I happily suspect. Enjoy.

Alessia Tedeschi Bikini Pictures for Serious Boot Hotness from Miss Italy

You don’t become the beauty pageant winner of the entire Boot nation without having some serious backside skills. And Alessia Tedeschi has got the perfect little dumper qualifications.

Vacationing in the South of Spain, the 2011 Miss Italy wore the tiniest of bikini bottoms, perfectly highlighting her twin bits of seated and tanned perfection. If I could draw, literally, I mean, if I could draw, and I was allowed to sketch out a gold medal winning lady cleft, I would likely choose the lovely Alessia as my booty Muse. Just one fine bikini body all over. Score one for Italy, err, make that two. Enjoy.