Alena Erohina

Alena Erohina Topless Pictures Offer Up the Trifecta of Sexy, Naughty Bears, and Ego


Each week this kid comes by my door, middle schooler with a nervous stammer and the odorific of liverwurst and mayonnaise, selling me the most obscure magazines from around the world. I always bite on something. Most recently, I became the proud owner of a one year subscription to a New Zealand taxidermy periodical. Before that, a sewing magazine from Albania. Knit one, purl two, next thing you know you’ve got a insanely bright Cosby sweater from the 80′s. Yet, somehow, I’m missed the Ukranian gem, Ego Magazine and nearly missed a wonderful piece of super Eastern European model perfection known as Alena Erohina. What sold me for good though wasn’t Alena’s amazing body, granted, or her sextastic smile and bodacioous funbags, granted, but, the bear. I’m a sucker for the erotic use of teddy bears, either in miniature format or when I get in full gear for cosplay events with the lonely ladies down at the senior center. I can’t get enough of that ursine slap and tickle. Please, everybody who can safely, stand and welcome Alena Erohina into the Egotastic! family. Enjoy.