AJ Michalka

AJ Michalka and Aly Michalka Topless Bedroom Photos Leaked, The Fappening 2.0


Updated Note: You can see all the Fappening 2.0 photos in their glory on DrunkenStepfather. (**sorry, these are now gone)

Editor’s Note: we will not be publishing these photos for the time being pursuant to hot boobs code something or other. However, I’m quite certain that Reddit will be maintaining Fappening 2.0 photos, as well as Subreddits and other more bold users who don’t fear the wrath of Khan. I can’t give any credence to these links or what you might find, but funbags and lady nests seem likely. Hide the children and the family pets, please.

(Lex at WWTDD has a stunningly quick response to today’s celebrity leaked nudes and maybe some better links.)

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Sisters, incredible sisters. The photos flying around the world wide web are primarily of A.J. Michalka flashing her killer sized gum drops of love in various boudoir selfies. Her sister Aly Michalka makes some ripe old topless bosom appearances as well. I can only take this to mean they might be shooting each other topless, which if I think about this further, probably means me being admitted to the hospital later this evening for severe dehydration due to excessive fapping. So totally worthwhile.

The Michalka sisters are truly an underrated Hollywood hottie sibling pair. Two lovely blonde sisters in their 20′s with amazing racktastics and killer smiles. There’s nothing wrong with that, but from what I can see, so so much right. Here’s to talent that runs in the family, top to bottom, front to back, and most definitely side to side. Enjoy.

AJ Michalka See-Through to Her Bikini Booty Pretty Fun Time Views

We don’t get much chance to focus on younger sister AJ Michalka, but let’s do that today, shall we?

AJ was strutting about town in a see-through beach dress that revealed her shiny bright bikini beneath. Hardly scandalous, but still quite a nice visual ride into the bikini body and booty of the 22-year old starlet in her own right.

Yes, we have become quite accustomed to seeing the Michalka sisters always out and about together, but maybe it’s time for us to start dividing our fantasies among AJ and Aly. A bold, radical move, but something I believe our libidos will accept after seeing AJ’s nice bikini tush today. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Booty, Sara Jean Underwood Spread Eagle, and AJ Michalka Bikini Pics Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Oh, my, our favorite sextastic celebrities have been working overtime to publish pictures of themselves in skimpy little outfits, to keep their egos afloat and Egotastic! very happy.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Kim Kardashian flashing her multi-million dollar rump, Victoria Silvstedt and Elisabetta Gregoraci in bikinis, Kendall Jenner in a short skirt, Sara Jean Underwood spread eagle, and so much more self-gratifying CompliMe’s you really must see. Enjoy.

Sextastic Twitpic Roundup Includes Rihanna Naughty, Kendall Jenner Booty, Kate Upton See-Through, and Much Much More…

A wise man might have predicted a year ago that the phenomenon of celebrities taking naughty or alluring photos of themselves would have slowly died down, what with all the public and private and backchannel scandals. Thankfully, Egotastic! has no wise men among us. We knew the trend was headed right in the opposite direction. Not only did we predict it, we lit candles and prayed for it.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes just a bevy of self-photo’ed celebrity hotness including Rihanna making it rain in a naughty strip club manner, Kendall Jenner in an impossibly tight dress and a bikini, Ashley Tisdale bikini vacation photos, Kate Upton see-through top, and just a bunch more self-published pics that you really must see from a bunch of famous chicks who lust themselves almost as much as you do. Enjoy.

Kaley Cuoco, Bar Refaeli, and Miley Cyrus Featured In This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Vanity isn’t just for celebrity breakfast anymore, it’s now driving more and more of our sextastic hotties to check themselves out in the mirror and say ‘Damn, I’m fine, the world needs to see some of this.’ Snap snap. And to the web they go with their photos of their favorite subjects — themselves — which works out just about perfect for us gentleman oglers.

This week’s sextastic Twitpic roundup includes self-contributions of hotness from the likes of Kaley Cuoco in little bikinis, Bar Refaeli looking ever hot, Miley Cyrus in love with her own legs, Sara Jean Underwood forever in a bikini and about a bazillion more sweethearts self-portraiting themselves straight into our loins. You owe it to yourself to feed their vanity. Enjoy.

Weekly Sextastic Twitpic Roundup Includes Candace Bailey, Shakira, The Michalka Sisters, and Much Much More…

Oh, blessed mother of self-published pics, how you grace us. There really is no better modern day phenomenon, a billion dollars worth of Instagram phenomenon, than sextastic celebrities shooting pictures of themselves on their camera phones and distributing them out to the world wide digisphere. Wunderbar.  

This weeks Sextastic Twitpic roundup includes self-shot contributions from G4 hottie hostess, Candace Bailey, some bunny love from Shakira, a couple of at home shots from AJ Michalka and Aly Michalka, Sara Jean Underwood mounting another woman, Kendall Jenner bikini teen delights, and so much more we can’t even list it all. It’s a veritable plethora of personal celebrity pics that must be seen to be appreciated. Enjoy.

QUICK HIT: Aly Michalka Flashes Just a Hint of Nipple Slip For Halloween Night Kicks

Just when I can’t fall more in lust with tall blonde and boobtastic Aly Michalka (and I would not turn a blind eye to sister AJ Michalka, mind you), the former Hellcat cheerleader goes and dresses up in a cleavetastic little number for Halloween night, flashing just a teeny tiny nub of nip, not quite a fully starred treat, but a tender hint of what almost was full-Halloween candy glory. Blow it up full-size and see for yourself. Enjoy.

(Thanks to EgoReader ‘Jonathan’ for this Twitpic discovery!)

Miley Cyrus Sneaks Her Boobs in Between the Michalka Sisters on HalloweenAnd be sure to check out our Egotastic! Facebook Page to see the blown up version of this surprise guest looking all pushed-up boobies like at the same party — yep, that’s Miley Cyrus.