Adrianne Curry

Adrianne Curry Lingerie and Boobtastic Bikini Twitpics For an Ogle-Worthy Cause

Talk about an inspiration to hot-bodied unemployed divorced women everywhere, Adrianne Curry unleashed and released a series of sextastic photos by way of Twitpics, featuring her own hard-bodied self in various states of bikini hotness, all in the name of charity, but of course. Seems, Adrianne has washed that Peter Brady ex right out of her hair, and put a few more cc’s into the chestal region, providing for just the type of community give back I think we can all get behind. Enjoy.

(Thanks to a million and one of you, including ‘Whitney’ and ‘Luke’ for red alerting us to this hot dish of Curry.)

Titpic Twitpic: Adrianne Curry Covered Topless and Wet

Adrianne Curry seems to be transitioning into single life quite nicely; it’s basically the same as her married life to Peter Brady, except the late afternoon runs to Koo Koo Roo have now been replaced by seemingly even more risque Twitpic fun, thankfully. We’ve long ago stopped trying to figure out what Adrianne Curry does all day, provided that days ends with her topless in a hot tub taking pictures, it’s more than all good. Enjoy.

(Thanks to ‘Jay C.’ on Twitter for this early morning head’s up.)

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Comic-Con 2011 Roundup: Ashley Greene, Kate Beckinsale, Nina Dobrev Lead List of Hotties At the Running of the Nerds

It’s amazing what can happen when a few (thousand) geeks get together for their annual summer nerdenhaven festival known as Comic-Con, wherein the powers of geekdom become so intense and focused, the time-space continuum so fluxed with fanboy fapping, that you can actually bear witness to the Einstein theory on relativity — that is, these bespectacled jelly wonkers only chance to have actual sex is with their neckgear wearing cousins.

Nevertheless, where there’s nerds, there’s discretionary entertainment dollars, and that brings out the sexy celeb hotties in droves ready to pimp and promote the shizz out of their latest projects, whether they be fiction scientific, like Total Recall,  or just super fabulous terrific, like Glee. Super-duper-hero level hotties at the convention center included the eternally-wood-inducing Kate Beckinsale, the vastly underrated Nina Dobrev, uber-sexy Ashley Green, along with a gaggle of additional girl-awesome power provided by Summer Glau, Minka Kelly, Rachel Nichols, Olivia Munn, Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Jessica Biel, Rose McGowan, Nikki Reed, Anna Paquin, and a special salute to the trying-epically-hard-to-be-patented-leather-geek-erotic, Adrianne Curry, in many special costumes. Enjoy.

Adrianne Curry Full Body Ladyscape Twitpic

She’s at it again. Prepping for her big annual cosplay appearance at Comic-Con this coming weekend, Adrianne Curry has been doubling her efforts on the body sculpting, tanning, and Twitpicking fronts this week, and when you consider that body sculpting, tanning, and Twitpicking are essentially her profession, it’s like she’s doubled up on work! This latest Adrianne-eye POV shot down her hot body is more than wood-worthy and deserving of several seconds of committed ogling. We kid, but she is a master. Enjoy.

Celeb Hottie Twitpic Madness: Hilary Duff ‘Owling’, Adrianne Curry (Covered) Topless, and Maria Menounos All Over Tan

As you know, celebrity Twitpics are one of the greatest modern day ogler-friendly phenomenons — the sextastic pics come right to us. It’s like manna from Heaven. Or, if you will, the sober version of celebrity cell phone picture scandals. A few Twitpics came out over the weekend, just demanding a second, third, and fourth look.

Hilary Duff Poses in 'Owling' PositionWhy do I find this so damn hot? Yes, I’m into every known fetish under the sun (or moons), but this ‘owling’ nonsense is just as idiotic as ‘planking’ before it. Posing in a thoughtful squat for a random photo was probably fun up until about the fifth grade, when you discovered grown up music, drugs, and the opposite sex. And, yes, I am a grumpy old man. But, I must admit, seeing Hilary Duff squatting on her dining room table? It’s kind of making me hungry.

Adrianne Curry Barely Covering Her Big Boobs While TanningWherefore art thou, Peter Brady? Separation and pending divorce, not to mention loss of frequent diner card privileges at Koo Koo Roo, have not slowed up hot-bodied Adrianne Curry from twipicking her amazing boobtastic and flesh-curves out to the known universe. And, thank goodness for that. I’ve always suspected that Adrianne Curry’s primary avocation was suntanning; this helps confirm it. Next stop, Comic-Con.

Maria Menounos is Hot and Tan and DelightfulMaria Menounos, we simply don’t ever see enough of you. Your previous bikini picture candids have certainly thrilled us with some lovely slips, and while this Twipic remains fairly tame, it does remind me of how often I use you in the deep recesses of my brain between 3:04 AM and 3:07 AM most sleepnights. Ironically, that’s a good two minutes more time than you’d have if we were together in the flesh. Enjoy.

Newly Single Adrianne Curry Twitpics Titpics

Freed from the shackles of marital slavery that saw sexy Adrianne Curry reduced to spending her days working out and twitpicking photos of her body parts, newly single Adrianne Curry now gets to spend her days working out and twitpicking photos of her body parts. And we are yum too pleased. Cause they are nice parts. Today’s selection, a bit of deep cleavage in a bra. Enjoy.