Adrianne Curry

Celeb Hottie Twitpic Madness: Hilary Duff ‘Owling’, Adrianne Curry (Covered) Topless, and Maria Menounos All Over Tan

As you know, celebrity Twitpics are one of the greatest modern day ogler-friendly phenomenons -- the sextastic pics come right to us. It's like manna from Heaven. Or, if you will, the sober version of celebrity cell phone picture scandals. A few Twitpics came out over the weekend, just demanding a second, third, and fourth look.

Hilary Duff Poses in 'Owling' PositionWhy do I find this so damn hot? Yes, I'm into every known fetish under the sun (or moons), but this 'owling' nonsense is just as idiotic as 'planking' before it. Posing in a thoughtful squat for a random photo was probably fun up until about the fifth grade, when you discovered grown up music, drugs, and the opposite sex. And, yes, I am a grumpy old man. But, I must admit, seeing Hilary Duff squatting on her dining room table? It's kind of making me hungry.

Adrianne Curry Barely Covering Her Big Boobs While TanningWherefore art thou, Peter Brady? Separation and pending divorce, not to mention loss of frequent diner card privileges at Koo Koo Roo, have not slowed up hot-bodied Adrianne Curry from twipicking her amazing boobtastic and flesh-curves out to the known universe. And, thank goodness for that. I've always suspected that Adrianne Curry's primary avocation was suntanning; this helps confirm it. Next stop, Comic-Con.

Maria Menounos is Hot and Tan and DelightfulMaria Menounos, we simply don't ever see enough of you. Your previous bikini picture candids have certainly thrilled us with some lovely slips, and while this Twipic remains fairly tame, it does remind me of how often I use you in the deep recesses of my brain between 3:04 AM and 3:07 AM most sleepnights. Ironically, that's a good two minutes more time than you'd have if we were together in the flesh. Enjoy.

Newly Single Adrianne Curry Twitpics Titpics

Freed from the shackles of marital slavery that saw sexy Adrianne Curry reduced to spending her days working out and twitpicking photos of her body parts, newly single Adrianne Curry now gets to spend her days working out and twitpicking photos of her body parts. And we are yum too pleased. Cause they are nice parts. Today's selection, a bit of deep cleavage in a bra. Enjoy.

Adrianne Curry Bikini Twitpics The Start of Her Single Life

If you were worried that Adrianne Curry was going to have trouble finding herself a new man after the end of the romance with Peter Brady -- fear not. From the looks of her latest twitpics, Adrianne Curry is going to have no problem finding another dirty old man to keep her, and for whom she can use her Koo Koo Roo discount card to pick up roasted chicken dinner. I remain unclear what it is Adrianne Curry does all day, but that bikini body is just quite awesome and so it really doesn't matter. All I ask of my sexy celebrities is that they walk the earth with a small carbon footprint and a big carbon-based boobtastic. Enjoy.

Sybian Splitsville: Adrianne Curry Announces She’s Leaving Peter Brady (VIDEO)

But who shall pick up the Koo Koo Roo? Well, it had to come sooner or later. Honestly, I thought we might figure out what Adrianne Curry does all day before she took leave of Peter Brady after five tumultuous reality show years of marriage. Apparently, the couple just never hit their marriage stride (which I believe is best described as sullen resignation and celibacy) and decided to end it on friendly terms. While hot-bodied Adrianne Curry never reached her Seven Year Itch, she did take to the Howard Stern show earlier this month to scratch herself into full internal combustion on Howard's sybian toy in a pretty damn epic clip that ought to make it pretty damn easier for Adrianne to find husband the next. Enjoy.
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Adrianne Curry Twitpics Her Hot Twins

Oh, Adrianne Curry, how you vex us with your mysterious use of the hours of the day, like sand through the hourglass, so are the Twitpics of your life, err, body, err. hot body and deep cleavage boobtastic. However I evaluate a person's character, let it not be said that they can move right into my female celebrity sainthood pile for twipicking pictures of their hot bodies. Adrianne Curry, I don't give a damn if you're spending your days burning ants with a magnifying glass and phoning Koo Koo Roo on speed dial to order rotisserie chicken dinners for Peter Brady, you'll always be tops in my book for stretching, toning, shaping and then snapping photos and sharing thereof. What can be said of a sextastic celebrity isn't really a can of beans compared to what can be seen of them. Enjoy.

Adrianne Curry Sandy Bodied Bikini Twitpic

With a few hours to spare before picking up Koo Koo Roo dinner for her husband, Peter Brady, the inimitable and delectably unemployed Adrianne Curry took time out of her busy day to squirt some bikini bottom bare top twitpics out into the webisphere with the general notion of making guys imagine rubbing her down with suntan lotion. It worked for me. Of course, Adrianne has yet to comprehend the depths to which I wish to protect her boobs from the invisible rays of the sun; somebody better call Koo Koo Roo and tell them Adrianne might be late for pickup today. Enjoy.

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The Friday Four: Must See Pictures of Megan Fox, Kate Upton, Adrianne Curry, Jenna Jameson, and Kate Upton?

Word on the street from our Canadian brothers who were treated to the release of the film Passion Play last summer (coming out this May in the U.S.), Megan Fox can actually act. No, seriously, she's supposed to be downright 'okay' in this movie. What is more than okay is this deep cleavage still of the uber-sexy Megan Fox from the movie. On a yummy scale of 1 to 10, this is a 34c.

Kate Upton in some type of white skirt upskirt wedding thingamajig. Hmm, not sure, just a sexy twitpic courtesy of our favorite new model featured in the current year's SI Swimsuit edition. This entire trend of models sending out behind the scene candid photos from their sexy photoshoots needs to not only be applauded, it ought be federally mandated, some type of national security priority.

And, speaking of Kate Upton behind the scenes absolutely amazing boobtastic pictures of this super blonde new favorite hottie model, well, let's do another. This spectacular boobtacular candid from Kate's swimsuit photoshoot where the unusually busty model flashes the deep cleavage in a manner completely becoming of any woman I hold in high regard (and dream about at night.)

I've decided that the bar needs to be raised for Mrs. Peter Brady and her twitpics, and, well, yes, pressing the flesh with adult film star Jenna Jameson reaches that bar, or horizontal stripper pole, if you will. I still have no idea what Adrianne Curry does between sun-up and Koo Koo Roo runs for her husband's dinner, but now that I know it involved hanging with Jenna Jameson, consider me more intrigued. Enjoy.