Adele Silva

Adele Silva Bikini Pictures for the Hottest Kind of British Invasion

Not all child actresses grow up to trouble, some just grow up to be super fine mature thespianics. Take for example Adele Silva, the London native who started on Britty TV as a kid and continues to shine her big sextastic on the boob tube to this day as one of our classic favorites on the soap, Emmerdale.

Oh, and we did mention that she’s hot. And well-endowed in the English buxom kind of awesome way, all of which she was showing off in a wicked hot and cleavetastic body way at the beach in Santa Monica, with a cheeky smile, and cheeky, well, cheeks, that made us want to practice that fake British accent we’ve been trying to perfect now for years to sound more intelligent. Still getting there. As for Adele Silva, already arrived, parked, and planted firmly in our libidos. A dazzler! Enjoy.

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What can be said of the group efforts each week by our Readers to assemble and share some of the finest fineries without much clothes on the web? Well, the words ‘awesome’ and ‘blessed’ and ‘laudable’ come to mind, along with ‘raunchtastic’ and ‘fleshy-funned’ and ‘pimpalicious’, and when you combine the two you have the perfect description of our award-winning weekly Reader Finds, like a holy offering to the gods of the sextastic.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Natascha McElhone fully nekkid, Michelle Hunizker sans bikini top, Jennifer Love Hewitt fully plumped out cleavetastic, Emmerdale’s Adele Silva missing her bikini top, Alessandra Ambrosio preggo covered topless hot, Alison Haislip outtake heaven, Christina Ricci topless on film, Estella Warren nekkid swimming, Imogen Thomas sextastic tennis, Joanna Krupa bikini slippage, Joanna Lundback black and white and hot all over, Julianna Gill racktastic in Friday the 13th, Katy Perry almost dress fall, and an assortment of some of our fave glamour models going Girl on Girl in a very special pictorial.

It’s so many boobs, I dare you to count!

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