Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin Is Not Chest Shy on the Red Carpet

I’m sure you’re aware that we had the Critic’s Choice Awards. Yeah, they happened somewhere in between the nineteen hundred other award shows. But it was worth noting, and leering just a bit as is polite for a tender girl of tender years, that Abigail Breslin showed up chest strong in yet another venue.

The teen actress has been making quite a statement of late with provocative poses and racy photoshoots, not to mention showing up on red carpets with her rather noticeable bosom dressed rather noticeably. While we naturally fight for the innocence and demure here on Egotastic!, occasionally we do need to leer ever so discreetly and silently smile. Enjoy.

Abigail Breslin Goes Skintight and Braless at Movie Premiere

Despite her still tender years, now long time actress and teen becoming heartthrob, Abigail Breslin decided it was best to leave the undergarments behind as she slipped into a rather mature gown for the L.A. premiere of August: Osage County. To say she stunned the paparazzi is a bit of an understatement.

When a teen hits the red carpet looking like Abigail, complete with headlights flashing, everybody gets a little bit nervously frenzied. I suppose that was Abigail’s point. She’s a rather clever minx. And in about five months, we can stop beating around the bush and give a more robust definition of her robustness. But, for now, we shall remain above the fray, waiting for Abigail to come sell cookies at our door. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Jennifer Lopez Covered Topless, Zooey Deschanel Topless, Rose McGowan Dancing Nekkid, and Much Much More…

Abigal Breslin Photo in the Tub by Tyler Shields
Click to See Uncensored

I know many of you are in line at Target and Walmart stores today to ensure that for only fifteen hours of time, you can save fifty bucks on a back massager slash happy time tool for the wife, but for those of you who have stuck it out today for your fix of all things sextastic skin-filled celebrity, boy have your fellow readers come through for you today. It’s an honor and a privilege to share them with you today, even as my burps taste like turkey and Wild Turkey.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Abigail Breslin not quite barely legal but soaking in a tub for Tyler Shields (thank you kindly EgoReader ‘Jake’), Jennifer Lopez covered topless and faptastic in her forties (dually submitted by ‘Walt’ and ‘Maarten’), Shannon Elizabeth American Pie higher def redux (we never grow weary of Shannon’s double dippers, thanks ‘Glenn’), Bijou Phillips au natural topless in Bully (wild child funbags via ‘Marcie’), Tara Reid topless on the silver screen in Body Shots (from a time long ago, by ‘Devon’), Danica Thrall topless in lingerie (submitted willfully by ‘C.J.’), Zooey Deschanel, Ms. Cute and Spunky, quite topless in the pool (blessings from ‘Wobbler’), Carice Van Houten flashing her hooters for theatrics (transmitted from the mind of ‘Rico’), Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh topless in Single White Hotties (I modified that, but still love from ‘Stasha’), Ellen Page in red undies flashing booty in deleted movie scene (kudos to ‘Will G.’ for that find), Megan Fox downright sexy in moving pictures (Foxy photos sent by ‘Owen’), Penelope Cruz topless in Spanish flick (Cruz-tastics provided by ‘Stephanie’), Charlotte Gainsbourg nekkid in Nymphomaniac (wowzer von Triers dropped on our stoop by ‘Randall’), Rita Ora hella chesty in Rob Cable photoshoot (loves me some Rita, thanks ‘Ronnie’), Denise Crosby topless in the wayback machine (80′s skin delivered by ‘Jack’), Tulisa Contostavlos flashing pink panties (delicious peeks from ‘Terry D.’), Kelly McGillis nekkid Sapphic fun (whoa baby scissor kissing by ‘Les’), Emily Ratajkowski showing off in a bikini (Emily, my moon and sun, from ‘Altered’), and, last, but not least, a double dip of Monica Bellucci, first nekkid in the movies and then covered topless preggo in Vanity Fair (from the benevolent hands of ‘Skyler’ and ‘Benjamin’ respectively). Enjoy.


Selena Gomez, Nina Dobrev, Shay Mitchell, Just Some of the Hotties Out for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards

I think it goes without saying that you can’t have a lowest common denominator of taste than anything teens choose on national television. So unless you’re a 14-year old girl and when asked about the last book you read you answer, ‘Huh?’, you’re probably not a fan or even familiar with the name of most of the honorees and winners at last night’s 2013 Teen Choice Awards. Just know that somebody at Fox thought it’d be cool to give away surfboards instead of trophies, because that’s so damn teen relatable.

Nevertheless, as always, anything award show related and big network is going to bring out some serious starpower and some sweet hotties decked out in their finest, including Selena Gomez, who stole the show in her double slit form fitting dress, ever hot Nina Dobrev, Miley Cyrus sticking out her tongue for no reason, underrated Shay Mitchell, a busty grown up Abigail Breslin, and much much more. You really should get out your Mr. Zogs and check them all out. Enjoy.

Little Abigail Breslin Getting All Grow’d Up On ‘New Year’s Eve’

Oh, wasn’t it just yesterday that our Little Miss Sunshine was charming audiences worldwide on Oscar night? And, now, cute as a button Abigail Breslin flashes her bra in the upcoming film, New Year’s Eve, the craptastic followup to the utterly craptastic Valentine’s Day a couple years ago, starring not just Sarah Jessica Parker, but also Zac Efron, so, consider me camping out for opening night!

But, all of this is besides the point — what the heck is mid-teen Abigail Breslin doing giving the good sorority girl flash in this film? Well, as far as we can tell, probably providing the only watchable second of this cinematic toilet deuce. Enjoy.

(Big shoutout to EgoSuperFan ‘Amanda H.’ for this teen bra find.)