Abbey Barnsley

Humpday Huzzah! Abbey Barnsley Topless Poolside Plump Plum Exhibition

Abbey Barnsley Goes Topless for a Poolside Photoshoot
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Sometimes you just need a little roundball in your life. Or perfectly round funbags of glamour models such as Abbey Barnsley who might appeal to you if you happen to dig blonde British girls with noteworthy curves who slink and preen poolside. So, maybe some of you, if not all. Abbey doesn’t necessarily fit into the au natural stepped out of the shower nature girl, but she fits rather neatly into numerous happy times dreams I have regarding myself, a hot stacked blonde, and a date for the finest restaurant in town we never quite make. Which works out well for me on two fronts, since I can’t possibly afford the finest restaurant in town. I have to go into my change cup just to get the double double at In & Out.

On Wednesday’s, we celebrate the gift of the hot middle of the week and that blessed terrain on fine female form from whence so many dreams are inspired. Really, who would want to grow up to be a man in  a world without ta-ta’s? I just shuddered down to my soul, briefly, but profoundly. Nay, I’ll take the planet where the likes of Abbey Barnsley flashes her blessed mammaries simply because it makes the world smile. Huzzah!

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Humpday Huzzah! Abbey Barnsley Topless Boudoir Pose Down Will Turn You Into Mush

Abbey Barnsley Topless Lingerie Hotness Photoshoot
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I might just be speaking for myself, but seeing the blessedly hot and chesty perfect Abbey Barnsley slip seductively out of her lingerie makes pretty much every muscle in my body feel like I’m going through puberty all over again. In about eleven seconds. She is just so incredibly alluring I want to chew on a towel or pen a requiem in C-Minor or something that will lessen the primal urges.

On Wednesdays we celebrate arriving at the hump of the week by staring rather impolitely and longingly at some of the finest sweetest most passion inducing bodies on the planet. If Abbey Barnsley doesn’t qualify for that list, well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, who is still, by the way, ogling Abbey Barnsley whilst scratching my hairy bobos. Huzzah!

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Abbey Barnsley Bubble Bath Topless Tease Leaves Me Feeling Dirty

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I really do have a thing for glamorous Britty model Abbey Barnsley. You too? Yeah, I figured. She really is one minxy hot petite sweet bodied alluring bit of fun. If I can sum it up thusly. And when it’s bath time, you know I’ll be there too peeking on Abbey scrubbing herself with the luckiest bubbles in the entire world. Oh, to burst on Abbey’s glorious body.

On Mondays we like to salute the week with some of the finest funbags in this or any land. Abbey Barnsley’s heavenly body is truly something to behold, to admire, and to genuinely wish would be soaking in your tub when you get home. If you’re married, just tell the wife she’s your niece by your brother she’s never met. That might buy you your life. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Abbey Barnsley Topless Lingerie Sextasticular (Man, She Is So Hot, Santa, Please, For Christmas)

Abbey Barnsley Strips Topless in a Lingerie Photoshoot
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Abbey Barnsley and I have an ongoing lust affair. I’d like to think it’s mutual, but I have to admit it mostly seems to be me ogling her ridiculously hot body and she not knowing who the hell I am, or caring. I could be reading that wrong, but I’ve become pretty good at knowing when I’m being disregarded. I don’t even get the ‘leave me alone, I own a gun and a dog’ letters. I love those letters, often scented.

In her latest incarnation, Abbey is down to her panties and showing off the visual wonderments that make her one of my very favorite glamourous models from the Isle of England. She’s a natural with those innocently naughty come hither glances that make me want to come hither ever so badly. I know you can’t turn it off, Abbey, and I’d never ask you to. Huzzah!

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Abbey Barnsley Topless Lingerie Striptease To Fill Your Vessel

Abbey Barnsley Topless in Lingerie for a Bedroom Photoshoot
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I really am having some melancholy flashbacks staring at the alluring girl next door qualities of glamorous glam model Abbey Barnsley. She literally reminds me of this killer girl who lives almost next door to me once. Oh, how I craved that girl night and day, then again for another night and a couple of days. But she wanted little to do with me. Until one day she left on the back of a motorcycle with a guy named Rick. Rick and his neatly groomed beard had everything, I was left with nothing. Well, a few of the photos I took of her one evening maybe, but besides that, nothing.

Now here’s the passion inducing petite but bosomy Abbey Barnsley stripping out of her lingerie like I absolutely did not see peking into the window of my own girl next door most nights for a year. Abbey is pulling me in with her distinct look, and one even more distinctive fine female form. I’m not in love again, I’m not sure you can ever go home again. But I am feeling like it might be time to grow a perfectly groomed beard. Enjoy.

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Abbey Barnsley Drop Dead Dirty in Topless Sudsy Tub Pictorial

Abbey Barnsley Topless Fun in a Bathtub
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Abbey Barnsley may sound like the name of the maiden taken by the stable boy in some British romance novel, but make no mistake about it, that would be one seriously lucky stable boy. Just look at the glowing glorious glamour model freshly introduced to Egotastic! and taking a bath to prepare for the more formal ceremony. She looks ready to be crowned. Or, knighted in the least.

I love seeing new faces, naturally second to new ridiculously hot topless bodies in the sudsy tub. There’s just something about squeaky clean funbags that makes my day. Abbey Barnsley, welcome, please, stay awhile. Like maybe a year, just tell your friends you went to Romania, that’ll keep them off our tracks for enough time to make many babies. Enjoy.

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