Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez Black Bikini Yachting For Italian Summer Fun

It’s the pirates’ life for me. Well, more for Michelle Rodriguez who continues her tour of the Mediterranean hot spots aboard her yacht, with a new bikini and co-habitant it seems almost nightly. That’s the plunderers life indeed.

Michelle looks like she was born to the high seas. She could probably wear a bikini 24×7 and never really change. I can picture her diving for oysters, wrestling sharks, and driving her boat on renegade rum runs. She is the total master of her environment. I credit her for that. And for not an ounce of fat on her bikini body. She looks constantly ready for a fight, or a sex marathon. I like the inherent danger associated with women like that. Though I do tend to end up just getting the fight. Sad face. Enjoy.

Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Stripes Sextastic Off Spanish Isles

I can’t think of anybody having more fun this summer than Michelle Rodriguez.. Bikini splashing across the Mediterranean, making stops in various ports of call to show off in her bikinis, jump off the port bow, and make love to men and women and probably a few sea nymphs in betwixt.

Michelle’s latest stop was Ibiza where she’s intermingling with the massive celebrity population on the vacation island, but making sure not to take life too seriously. It’s hard not to admire Michelle and her general upbeat playful attitude, if not gawk and leer at her taut female form and how openly she expresses her body language of play time. I bet she’s be a fun vacation buddy. Enjoy.

Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Hot Body Flipping Off a Yacht, Just Because She Can

Whatever it is you get, Michelle Rodriguez definitely got it. She seems to allure men and women these days with equal ease. Always smiling, forever looking fit in her bikinis, having fun on yachts, making Fast and Furious movies. She seems to have it all. Well, except for the one man who might turn her off to supermodels forever more. But, Michelle, I’m not currently available regardless.

Michelle was off the coast of some fancy Italian resort taking dives and flips off of a yacht into the water in her black bikini. It takes a brave woman to go acrobatic into the water in just her two piece. Michelle is that brave woman. And still very much pretty damn hot. Something about Michelle Rodriguez says winning. I think it’s her hit-it list. Or just her tight midriff. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk, Heidi Klum, Nicole Scherzinger And More Hotties At AMFAR Gala

The AMFAR gala at the Cannes Film Festival was a veritable smorgasbord of hotness. Sweet lord there were boobs galore. Irina Shayk wore a pink dress that showed off not only deep cleav but also most of her sexy legs. Legendary hottie Heidi Klum was also on hand in a blue dress with a plunging neckline that showed off the inner sides of her funbags and a deep slit that revealed her fabulous Teutonic legs. Bombshell singer Nicole Scherzinger was there in a black dress that basically only covered her nips, so there was side and top boob all over the place. In addition, classic beauty Sharon Stone was at the event and she seems to have forgotten her bra at home. Needless to to say that the slit in the front of her dress made us relive our teenage Basic Instinct fantasies. What can I say about Rosario Dawson’s cleavage-filled dress with peek-a-boo window to her ta-tas? Yes, please is what I can say! Michelle Rodriguez also brought along her sideboobs. Basically, what I’m telling you is that everyone had their ladies out. Lara Stone basically wore a push-up bra and Dita Von Teese wore one of her typical sideboobtacular dresses. Kylie Minogue might as well have just come shirtless. And Alessandra Ambrosio? She was busting out all over.

If all of these spectacular ladies and their sideboobs didn’t raise enough money then nothing will.

Michelle Rodriguez Bikinis Like a Hot Lesbionic Champ in the South of France

While I must admit I’m slightly jealous of Michelle Rodriguez and her prowess with the hot young ladies, how could I possibly not purely lust a hot Latina who continues to look mighty fine in her bikini at her annual trip to the Eden Roc resort near Cannes.

Michelle spends each mid-May diving and dipping into the warm waters off the coast of the South of France in her bikinis, letting all men and most definitely women know that she’s still a catch and you should be so lucky if she’s got her eye on you for later evening festivities. I find that whole mystique rather alluring. Or, in this case, dripping wet and hot bodied. That Michelle Rodriguez booty will be tough for any man to overcome when it’s time to take a supermodel back to the hotel for some swinging Cannes fun time. I respect and honor and ogle that. Enjoy.

Cara Delevingne Topless for Lesbionic Maritime Makeout Session with Michelle Rodriguez in Cancun!

Cara Delevingne Topless in a Bikini with Michelle Rodriguez in Cancun
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Be still my Sapphic lusting lusting heart. It’s one thing when I get to see the lesbionic lovemaking portrayed by two thespianics on screen that might not be super real, even if super hot. But when two of our sextastic favorites ladies fall in deep furry burger fun time together, well, that’s enough to bring a crocodile tear to this jaded man’s Dunkin Donut clogged arterial chambers.

Cara Delevingne, she of the fast rising supermodel star with the bushy eyebrows and the fashion model body, and Michelle Rodriguez, or general bisexual horny girl and movie fame, have fallen into a special kind of romance. Now, we get to see the blossoming of their affections, and Cara quite topless, on their makeout beach vacation to Cancun. I’m going to guess making out is not the full extent of their time back in the hotel room together. I’ve already drawn out over 118 different possible coupling play time games for the girls when the sun goes down. But when the sun is out, it’s just topless playtime on the beach in Cancun, much to their squealing delight. Oh, trust me, I’d be squealing too just watching. Enjoy.

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Michelle Rodriguez Wouldn’t Change a Thing About Her Role in the First Fast & Furious (VIDEO)

Can I Knock This Guy Out Right Here?

It’s opening day for Fast & Furious 6 and all signs point to box office gold. And according to early reviews, worthy gold as the film delivers exactly what is promises – fast cars, hot girls, and lots of stunts involving the two. It’s not aiming too high, but, hey, we’re not such high minded people here. Crash, boom, boobs. I’ll take that.

We had a chance to send one of our intrepid reporters off to London to interview Michelle Rodriguez before the Britty premiere of the film and asked her a bunch of random stuff, but our favorite response came from the answer to what Michelle might tell Michelle of the very first Fast & Furious if she could go back in time. Kind of cool. And very very Michelle Rodriguez. Enjoy.