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Elizabeth Olsen Topless, Lindsay Lohan Topless, Paula Patton Topless All in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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It’s now officially post-Thanksgiving and the true heart of the holiday season. The weather outside might be frightful, but inside it’s so damn skin-filled delightful thanks to a forecast of the faptastic celebrity treats available for your theatrical and home viewing pleasure this holiday weekend from our friends at Mr. Skin.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Elizabeth Olsen topless in the Old Boy remake now out in theaters, Lindsay Lohan topless and chesty making of the sexy in The Caynons now out on Blu-Ray, and Paula Patton, smoking hot and topless in 2 Guns, now also out on home disc. If you’re like me, you’re viewing all three then writing a ten page report comparing and contrasting the chestal goodness of these three ladies. But, I wouldn’t wish being like me on anybody. Enjoy.

(And, yes, for Christmas for the man or Sapphic leaning woman in your family, you best be buying a discounted membership to Mr. It’s a certain winning gift.)

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Lindsay Lohan Brings Her Braless Sideboobs to Mom’s House

Oh, Lindsay Lohan,, where are your manners. You know when visiting mom after her arrests you need to wear a bra. I mean, don’t do it for my sake, I was perfectly content to see serious sideboob from the recovering actress as she went to Long Island to visit her obviously not recovering mother. Who do you think gave Lindsay her great sense of style in the first place?

I guess for that, we have to thank Dina. She may be the worst mother in the history of human existence, well, save for the ones in real prisons, but she did give us Lindsay hooters. We’ll always have Paris, Dina. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Flashing Her Big Boobtastic at N.Y. Fashion Week

Somewhere in the world there’s a Fashion Week going on every week it seems. Maybe there’s a small break for the summer, but between all the big city capitals of fashion and locals for primarily ladies to spend tons of dough on clothes, there’s going to be some geeked up promotional activity going on. It’s New York’s turn once again, with all the women of haute couture and high limit credit cards getting together to celebrate the latest bold and daring looks of clothing that looks pretty much the same as it always has to the untrained and far from caring eye of the likes of many of us.

Nevertheless, Fashion Week means females, and celebrity females, and showing off your fineries, or biggeries, as Lindsay Lohan was doing last night in what I’m sure is a designer gown by somebody expensive, and what I’m definitely sure was showing off the better part of her full sized mammaries. Lindsay definitely packed on a fuller body during her 90-day rehab stint, learning to eat once more off the drugs, and the result has been, among other changes, even more bodacious teats to flash the world. I think more women would willingly enter rehab if their slogan was ‘Give us 90 days, we’ll give you one cup size bigger’. Just a marketing thought. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan and Tenille Houston Topless Redux from ‘The Canyons’ (VIDEO)

Tenille Houston Topless Caps from The Canyons
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Oh, you wanted to see more of Lindsay Lohan topless in The Canyons? I mean, I’m asking on your behalf. Also that hottie blonde Tenille Houston who is the fourth part of the way-too-dud-junk heavy love square in the movie? Sure, why not. I mean, there’s a good chance you’re not going to actually fully witness The Canyons, so why not see the best parts right here.

Nevertheless, here’s a quickie review from EgoReader ‘Richard’ who forced himself to pay for the privilege of watching The Canyons:

Watched the Canyons last night and had to FF through parts. Bad acting, poor script and PG-13 on the nudity. You showed all there was to see with your pictures. Unless they come out with an uncut version. Blah!
And LL has a nice pot belly and a smokers voice now.

Sounds like somebody loved a certain movie! Enjoy.
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Lindsay Lohan Topless Flowing Funbags in ‘The Canyons’

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Well, today is the day. Lindsay Lohan topless, like you’ve never seen her before. I mean, you’ve seen her topless before in Playboy and that was kinda sorta her, and we’ve had the various wardrobe malfunctions through the years, and there have been some artsy photoshoots for magazines, but I guess this is the first real fully topless in a craptastic indie film ogling opportunity for Lindsay, in between her rehab stints.

There were many stories out about production nightmares during the making of The Canyons, and many more problems with critics who got an early glimpse of the film mostly feeling like vomiting inside their brains, but, either way now, the movie is in the cinesphere officially, as are Lindsay’s luscious big chest puppies.

Lindsay was once a beautiful young woman. That seems so long ago. As we reminisce, why not look at her floppers in The Canyons as a little mammarial tribute. Enjoy.

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Lindsay Lohan Flashing Cleavage for Scary Movie 5

Lindsay Lohan is making the most of her 25th hour, about four more weeks, until she hits mandatory rehab in a facility that most of us would likely call a luxury vacation. But it won’t be luxurious for Lindsay who will have to scrap and scrape and bribe her way to get her fix. But that’s not for a few more weeks, and in the interim, Lindsay is having herself quite the time, including flashing some ginger cleave at the Scary Movie 5 premiere. This is Lindsay’s latest grand cinematic effort and she’s going to pimp it with a smile regardless of how fast the world around is collapsing.

While we truly hope Lindsay finds sobriety this time around, and makes her way back into some meaningful, if not more sextastic, commercial ventures in the future., well, we can’t hold our breath. So, for one day, we’ll just take her sweet cleavage on the red carpet. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Leathers Up for Letterman

I’m still not exactly sure how Lindsay Lohan got sentenced to court ordered rehab, immediately after serving a sixty day pre-rehab stint of partying hard around the world, but, I guess that was the judge’s decision. Either way, Lindsay is down to her final four weeks and out pimping Scary Movie 5, one of the last films that would have her, including a stint on Letterman, where Dave got her a bit uncomfortable with his rehab related questions he wasn’t supposed to ask.

Click to see Lindsay Lohan questioned by Letterman about rehab.

Nevertheless, Lindsay did look somewhat put together in her leather skirt outside the show, considering she just returned from a quite busy week in Brazil. Just getting back across the equator was something of a milestone. Oh, that someday you possibly return to prior form, Lindsay. We will light a candle. Enjoy.