Leilani Dowding

Leilani Dowding Wrapped in Not Much More Than a Ribbon for Christmas

Welcome to Christmas week. While I intend to be nearly and or continuously inebriated on my home brew of Egg Nog and any liquor I can find, this doesn’t mean we won’t be sharing several special moments of holiday themed goodness this week.

Why not start out with our dear and sweet hottie friend Leilani Dowding who seems to have forgotten one piece of her sextastic Santa’s helper’s costume for the Yuletide. And thankfully so. Unfortunately, her dexterous limbs found their way over her sweet funbags, but I suppose this is a family holiday after all, so somebody had to keep it PG. Still plenty hot enough to earn a solid ho-ho-ho from yours truly. I can feel my wreath glowing. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Both Naughty and Quite Nice and Covered Topless for Christmas

God, I love Christmas. Forget all the mulled cider and the smell of freshly hewn pine, and even the giddy laughter of children. All overrated. It’s the hot women in their sextastic Santa costumes that truly make the season rich and memorable and worth becoming a Walmart trampling statistic over.

Leilani Dowding is a woman who knows the true meaning of Christmas spirit, lending her smile and but a hand-bra covering her candy cane treats in a new pictorial just to raise the Yuletide spirits. Kids, forget what you learned in all those hokey movies about Christmas, the real meaning of the season is smoking hot girls in barely there elven wardrobe. Tell your parents I said so. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Sextastic Santa’s Helper To Benefit the Pooches

Our good and decent and hot looking friend Leilani Dowding did a good deed for both her doggy and gentleman oglers everywhere, attending a Christmas Charity event to raise money for canine causes, while showing up in one of the more sextastic Santa’s helpers costumes we’ve seen in some time.

We follow Leilani workouts pretty rigorously around here, seeing all the effort Leilani puts into her rope jumping and yoga posing and sweating to the oldies. It certainly has paid off, as Leilani sports one of the finer hard bodies in all of Tinsel Town. It’s enough to give Santa wood. I mean, to build more model trains, obviously. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Stretches and Sweats So You Don’t Have to

Our friend Leilani Dowding loves nothing more than a stretchy sweaty workout. The fact that she loves to engage in her workouts in public, in tight form fitting stretchy clothes, well, that’s something we get to love as well. I’m not going to declare that Leilani has one of the finer bottoms in Hollywood, but I am prepared to state that I would shank any one of you in the shower for the chance to be her butt towel boy.

I know that’s not a real sounding job, but it’s something I’m creating a description for on Monster.com then hiring myself. Now. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Topless During Bikini Beach Photoshoot

Leilani Dowding Caught Topless During a Photoshoot in Malibu
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I know our friend Leilani Dowding is not a shy girl when it comes to showing her body off in public. She works quite hard on her female form, and, she’s European, so she’s inclined to be less uptight about such things as public nudity as your average Puritanical Yank. But I’m not sure she was expecting cameras during her Malibu bikini photoshoot to capture her indiscreet moments in betwixt smiling in her two piece swimwear for the cameras. I suppose this is something of a photographer no-no, and, yet, an Egotastic! yes-yes!

For lovers of tall and long and lean and lovely Eurasian hotties like Leilani Dowding, well, rejoice. I myself have popped some champagne and changed into my loafers and cardigan, like a horny Mr. Rogers preparing for a long day of ogling Leilani topless. So, just like the real Mr. Rogers. Enjoy.

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Leilani Dowding Mounts a Horse Because She Can

Our friend Leilani Dowding really has the life. I think hot looking women in general have more recreation filled lives. As long as we get to watch, I can totally live with this primal order of nature.

In her latest outdoor playtime venture, Leilani took to the stables to show off her hot body and mount a horse like a sextastic Lady from the days of Robin Hood. At least, that’s how my imagination is currently veering. The woods. Rebels on the run. Bows and arrows. Soaps and loofahs and a tiny tub. Then back on the steeds for a vigorous rides. Steeds not necessary. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Braless Naughty Summer Fun in Sherman Oaks

Our good friend Leilani Dowding doesn’t care much for the modern inconveniences of things such as clothing, but she does bow to the pressures of a cultured society at times by putting on a top and bottom when out in the public. Though don’t think on a warm summer day she’s not going to try and get away with a little something something of a bare nekkid flash. As Leilani did, somehow forgetting her bra beneath her sheer top and allowing all the passing gentlemen a glance at the benefits of making it to a third date with the former Miss Universe contestant.

Now, while we here at Egotastic are obviously role models of proper behavior and decorum, we’re not about to chastise Leilani for choosing to go upper commando. In fact, I’m sending Leilani a gift card to Yogurtland as we speak. Not sure why that popped into my head. Enjoy.