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Amanda Seyfried Topless Live in Grainy Theater Performance Of ‘The Way We Get By’

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I must admit I’ve turned my nose up at theater, or is that down at theater, fearing that it’s too highfalutin for my simple taste in the performance arts. But then nobody told me you could buy a ticket to a Broadway show and see Amanda Seyfried topless. Talk about burying the lead.

Amanda and that guy from The Newsroom play a particular scene in the legit The Way We Get By, which I’m going to assume without looking is about a troubled relationship, the source of 98.3% of all stage players not involving Spiderman. Some good Samaritan managed to not heed the pleading of the actors to turn off all their cellphones and captured the moment of epic beauty when Amanda pulled her tshirt over her head and gave the audience a solid glimpse at her perfect Nordic knockers. To the theater, I say! All the world’s a stage and we are merely oglers. What a lovely day indeed. Enjoy.

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Amanda Seyfried White Panties Peek For Vogue

Oh you saucy minx. Our Nordic petite princess Amanda Seyfried certainly has been largely out of the public eye of late, but she must be coming out again soon in theaters because her compelling and alluring pale form has started to hit the newsstands again, including this feminine little bit of panties flashing in Vogue magazine.

Amanda Seyfried is one of those girls you wish could be your girlfriend for a month because, let’s face it, that first month really is the best and even your dream girl might start to chafe you a bit after a month. Okay, maybe two, because she travels for work. And if she promises to flash her white panties around the house on the hour. There has to be rules. Without rules there is just chaos. And sloppy lovemaking and donuts, for one solid month. Then who knows. We can break up and get back together a couple times because we miss the sex, and the donuts. I’m kind of ready for this, Amanda. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue

Mr. Skin Battles Egotastic? History is Made in the Game of Nudes! (VIDEO)


There comes a time when even kin must go to war. My brother from another mother, Mr. Skin and I are having a feud. With Game of Thrones premiering this weekend once more on HBO, we got into a conversation about the best HBO nude scene shows of all time. Chairs were thrown, drinks were spilled, Chicago style dogs were slung. We agreed to put it up to a vote, with each of us ‘drafting’ our team of five favorite HBO nude shows of all time for the skintastic factor and let you decide who’s the champ. This is how men who love boobs decide important matters.

Be sure to check out the NSFW Video Compilation for Each of Our Teams. It’s rather boob-blessed.

The Egotastic Lineup: Game of Thrones, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Big Love, Sex and the City

The Mr. Skin Lineup: Rome, True Detective, Dream On, Tell Me You Love Me, Girls

Now, I ask you, being completely objective even though I’m your very favorite uncle, who drafted the better lineup of HBO Nude Shows?

Who Scored The Better HBO Nude Shows Roster?

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Mr. Skin Offering $4/Month Deal on Annual Subscriptions to Celebrate This Historical Battle

Here’s how the detailed drafting went down between teams…


Amanda Seyfried Panties Peek During A Photoshoot In Italy

Where oh where has my hot Nordic petite princess gone? Oh, there she is. And her panties too. What a sextacular development.

Amanda Seyfried may be in the public eye less of late, but she’s still the little pale sexy darling of style and fashion magazines, including whoever she was shooting for in Italy when we caught a peekaboo right up under her skirt. It’s not like we were trying, well, not trying that hard, but when such a pretty panties peek happens, you do want to make sure you capture it for posterity. Someday there will be a Hotness Smithsonian and they’re going to need artifacts. Amanda, welcome back, to you and your warm underthings. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

READER FINDS: Amanda Seyfried Topless, Lucy Liu Moist Frontals, Scarlett Johansson Taunting Teasing, and Much Much More…

Amanda Seyfried Topless in Lovelace
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Hello blessed Friday. You are once again upon us. Arrived like icing on the cake of our week of showing off pies, as it were. Each and every final weekday I have the Brinks security men bring forth the velveteen wrapped satchel of Reader Finds for an orgy of the optically tremendously titillating. Oh, how I do so love Fridays. If I had a musical bone in my body, I’d write a song. Nay, my bone is dedicated entirely to the content unfolding herein.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Amanda Seyfried topless goodness in Lovelace (a revisit thanks to EgoReader ‘Denny’), Michelle Lewin wicked hot Instagram pics (muchas gracias to ‘Rob’ on the hottie Venezuelan), Lucy Liu flashing her bare moneymakers (much kudos to ‘Bill P.’), Annabeth Gish in a rare topless performance (blessings counted by ‘David M.’), Keira Knightly nipple pokes in skinema (lovely Keira headlights thanks to ‘Devon’), Scarlett Johansson teasy for Cosmo back in the day (lovely Scarjo’s via ‘Stacey’), Moira Kelly topless in a trifecta of ta-ta hits (well done trio performed by ‘Owen’), Jessica Grace Smith topless in Roman times (Vesuvius erupts thanks to ‘Donnie R.’), Enya Bakunova hot model nekkid goodness (beautiful girl, no clothes, dropped off by ‘David T.’), Karlie Kloss topless in Vogue (slender model goodness via ‘Steve’), Susan Sarandon topless in a skinema classic (whoa ta-ta’s provided by ‘Stunner’), Thandie Newton topless in the tub (thumping by ‘Drake’), Erika Eleniak topless in her best role ever (so grateful to the talented ‘Sal’), beautifully exotic Elizaveta Boyarskaya topless in her feature role (lovely lass leers courtesy of ‘Ruben’), Elizabeth Gillies deep cleavage shines (lovely chesty views from ‘Ellen E.’), Neta Garty topless in a screen role of her own (more foreign goblets from the mind of ‘Em F.’), Madonna topless in her Truth or Dare masterwork (flashback to funbags by adept ‘Allan’), Linda Fiorentino in early topless goodness (just sublime sextastic via ‘Colton’), Cortney Palm quite palm baring in Zombeavers (oh, that blessed film and boobtastic by ‘Quin’), and last but not least, the vastly underrated Juno Temple full frontal fruity filled fun. Enjoy.

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Amanda Seyfried Is a Trashy Bikini Cowgirl (Yeah, I Know, Awesome)

There are many ways I’d love to see Nordic princess Amanda Seyfried, and while nekkid in my bed calling me hither remains a firm number one on my list, this view of Amanda all tarted up and in a bikini and cowgirl boots is pretty damn nice as well. I’m not sure who at W magazine got the idea to put Amanda into such a cosplay pose, but kudos to you style mavens who are mostly trying to please your female readership. We men need a little something something from time to time, though we don’t ultimately purchase your elixirs and tonics.

Amanda Seyfried is one of those elusive minxes who disappears for months on end, then suddenly reappears ready to make you feel happy and tingly all over. I guess she knows the secret of Santa Claus. If you only come around every now and then and leave gifts, you will become one of the most beloved figures. Amanda, you are my Santa. Now, let’s find you some milk and cookies. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Topless, Emily Ratajkowski Topless, Amanda Seyfried Topless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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For the final Mr. Skin Minute video of the year, the good and righteously naughty minded folks at Mr. have come up with their list of the top three celebrity boobtastic scenes of 2013. To say the least, it was a great year for funbags on the silver screen, big and little, screens that is. And chest puppies too. While major motion pictures have decided to strip much of the sexuality from their imagery, in favor largely of more violence and CGI special effects, there are still, thankfully, many outlets for catching raw passion-inducing nekkindness such that boys can turn into men and men can act like boys.

Mr. Skin’s top three celebrity ta-ta scenes of 2013 consists of Amanda Seyfried flashing her bare teats in Lovelace, Emily Ratajkowski showing off her perfect pair in the Blurred Lines music video, and Lindsay Lohan and a return engagement for her plump melons in The Canyons. I honestly have no complaints with this list. Just smiles. Enjoy.

(And, for all your after-Christmas shopping needs, forsake not your own discounted membership to the hundreds of thousands of glorious images and clips on Mr. for just a few shekels.)

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