Celebs We’d Most Want to Black Out and Wake Up Next To

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bill-swift - January 30, 2013

I've woke up in some pretty strange places back in my partying days. The backseat of a DeLorean. The alley behind my apartment. Wisconsin. So I'm no stranger to mornings when I finally come to and have no memory of what happened the night before. I'm much like Dr. Jekyll when I got out on the town. If Dr. Jekyll drank a lot of blue curacao, performed karaoke and texted his ex-girlfriend without remembering doing so. And usually this means waking up next to whatever bridge troll whose riddles you answered or your 65-year-old land lady who finally found a way for you to work off those three months of rent you owed.

But every so often, every now and then, you wake up after a heavy binge session and find yourself next to someone rather stunning and perfect. And you curse yourself for bagging a 10-pound buck and not even having the memory of doing so. But sometimes remembering what happened is probably not the best thing anyway. Because maybe you did something stupid. Like that time I woke up next to Ashley Olsen and she told me that I kept accidentally calling her Dave Coulier.

Which is why I'd only like to that to happen with certain celebrities now, because that was really embarrassing for the both of us. So even if I don't remember all the juicy details, here are the celebs I'd most like to wake up to without any real memory of how I got there and why.

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