Celebrity Big Brother’s Jemma Lucy Shows Off Her Insane Curves In A Little Thong

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elliot-wolf - April 20, 2018

Jemma Lucy is just way too juicy. She reminds me of those Starburst commercials where they try to figure out how they fit all that flavor into a wonderful package. That’s Jemma. And she’s cram packed full of love wrapped in an amazing looking outer shell. I love a woman who is committed to dedication. She’s dedicated her entire body to being a canvas for art. I feel like we could spend an entire afternoon just discussing her tattoos. It’s even possible we may find such a deep connection in our conversation that we have no choice but to permanently put each other’s names on the other person’s body. I already have mom on my arm but I don’t mind getting Jenna above my heart. Because that’s where she’s always been since I’ve laid eyes on her, close to my heart.

Even if tattooing is too much of a commitment after one conversation, I’d love to join her for a swim in the pool. I could be her personal lifeguard and protect her amazing body while she enjoys the water. Maybe she would even be up for a game of pool noodle jousting or Marco Polo. The ways that I can enhance Jemma’s pool experience is unlimited, all I need is for her to say yes and I’m there.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA