Celebrate the Drunkiest Day of the Year With These Dubious Drinking Games… Or Don’t. Really, Really Don’t

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chris-littlechild - January 2, 2014

Oh, January first. This is the day we awaken with a mouth as dry as a camel's scrote, in a pool of our own half-digested and nutritionally-questionable party food, wondering whose house this is and where all our clothes have gone (your New Years experience may differ). With the kind of hangover that would incapacitate a Tyrannosaurus, we make a solemn pledge to Thor himself never to drink again.

But we've been here before, and he knows we're BSing him.

So while that dense cloud of alcohol fumes still engulfs the planet, let's really go nuts. Inspired by our nerdly friends at Kotaku, here are five gaming-centric video games which could quite probably kill you. Don't try these mofos at home.