Celebrate the Anniversary of Prohibition’s Death With Our Crazy Gamers’ Drinking Games

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bill-swift - February 21, 2013

Yes, gentlemen, we're perilously close to being somewhat educational here. And who the hell wants ACTUAL FACT-KNOWLEDGE fired into their faces on a leisurely hump day morning? No bastard, that's who. Tits to that.

Fear not though, we're just proffering a little context (in the form of an easily-swallowed info-nugget) before hastening to the real business of the day: getting so drunk you can't spell your own face with a little aid from some video games. It's incumbent upon us to remind you, then, that this day in 1933 saw the proposal of the Twenty-first Amendment to the U.S Constitution. Grandpa Egotastic alleges that Congress dubbed this the ‘Come back, beer! We've missed your sweet, passing-out-on-a-stranger's-kitchen-linoleum-with-piss-soaked-pants embrace! Prohibition sucks monkey nuts anyway, it inspired Bugsy malone; which is, as we all know damn well,utterlyshit' proposal.

Be that as it may, the Amendment wasn't ratified until the following December; but the enterprising gentlemen of America began pummeling their meaty fists on brewery windows across the nation with exhortations that they'll ‘get their damn beer back by punching gonads' from this very day (except they didn't). The best video game-centric salutation to our proud, intoxicated grandpappies? The demented drinking games in the gallery. Ego-disclaimer: potential liver-rupturing booze death awaits. Don't try these at home. They're purely for piss-takery purposes.

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