Celebrate Priyanka Chopra’s Single Status Before Her Jonas Wedding In India

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rusty-mattis - December 3, 2018

Marriage is a beautiful thing where two people come together, get toasters, and then live a together for the rest of their lives. Whether marriage is part of your plan or not in the cards, we can always come together celebrate two lucky souls that have found each. Then again when it's a hottie like Priyanka Chopra going off the market there is a touch of sadness.

I'm not one of those dudes who had any delusions that Priyanka Chopra and I were going to have some chance encounter where I would save her from a falling piano and we'd fall love in love, get married on a whim, and live our lives out sailing around the world on a yacht. But she is kind of a super hottie and there might be a tiny piece of me, and everyone else, that is sad to see her go. We are all happier than pigs in mud that Priyanka Chopra has found someone to share her life with, just hopeful that it won't lead to her being less sexy on TV or in movies or wherever else she chooses to be sexy.

Let's look on the bright side of things here, Priyanka Chopra. She's really sexy and looking a bunch of sexy pics of her is the bright side of any situation. I do wish them well, but you know... Priyanka Chopra is really sexy.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram