Celebrate 12/12/12 With Twelve Women on Television We’d Like to Find Nekkid Under Our Christmas Tree

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bill-swift - December 13, 2012

The world may be ending in 9 days, which is why I've been catching up on years worth of saved DVR programs to make sure I don't miss anything before the end of times (holy crap, did you know that Newhart was all just a bad dream?). I've had more than an eye full of all the starlets gracing the boob tube this year so what better way to celebrate the cryptic date of 12/12/12 than to share my 12 favorites with you.

If you never thought there was a good enough excuse to watch anything on the CW or pay for premium cable, prepare to have your mind and loins blown.  And if somehow the ancient Mayans were somehow wrong about predicting the end of the world and we're still around next year, be sure to come back on 13/13/13 to check out our new favorites then. Enjoy.