Angelina Jolie is Still a MILF and Other Things to Ogle

- Angelina JolieMarie Claire photoshoot. (HuffPo)

-What does Crystal Harris want for Christmas? (FoxNews)

-Christina Hendricks is a hot little hostess. (GossipCenter)

-Uh, why does Brooke Mueller have a gun? (TMZ)

-Kate Upton sexy twitpics. (DrunkenStepfather)

-Sexy mail order brides, half off. (TheChive)

-Rihanna parties in Milan. (Celebuzz)

Sarah Hyland Can Get Drunk and Other Things to Ogle

Ari Graynor is the newest Hebrew School Hottie. (HuffPo)

Jessica Simpson cashes in to lose the curves. (FoxNews)

Scarlett Johansson on hits up Letterman. (GossipCenter)

Sarah Hyland turns 21. (Celebuzz)

Eliza Dushki is my hero. (Popoholic)

Lindsay Lohan gets robbed. (TMZ)

Brooke Mueller back in rehab. (GossipCop

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