Norwegian Model Cecilie Nordahl Sexy One Piece in Miami

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bill-swift - August 11, 2017

Norsk hottie Cecile Nordahl has been shooting up a storm in Miami of late, and not Tony Montana shooting up Miami kind of way, but more like fair haired hottie model in swimsuits kind of way. Her work remains a passion project for me in terms of late night perusal whilst sipping brandy and chugging Ole English.

Cecile took some time off from her work pose downs and swimsuit changes to slip into something persona, a one piece for a little unpaid beach time of her own. In and out of the water as in the nymph dreams of my late night sleep and midday naps. Something about Scandinavian women in warm weather environs that seems to invigorate their spirits.

Cecilie isn't packing mega curves, but producing mega sweet dreams of ice hotel evenings struggling to stay warm with endless making of the sexy and aquavit in equal measure. Maybe leaning more toward the naked body hugging now that I think of it. Welcome to Miami, Cecilie. Hang out for a while til I get there, vær så god. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News