Catherine McNeil Super Hot Australian Seductress

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bill-swift - March 23, 2016

Catherine McNeil is one of those amazing looking women you totally forget about in the bustle of your busy ogling day then along she comes once more half-dressed in Vogue Australia and you're left wondering why you could have forgotten her for a single second. Tall and lean and boobtastic and passion inducing and brunette. It's all mixed into a bowl of happy and comes out as one sweet piece of pie. 

Sometimes you do need to comb the ladies journals for the hottest women in the world. It's a chore I do for you, kind of like Christ, but I'm still going. If you think women don't like to see other hot women in various shades of revealing fashion, think again. These style books are filled with the most gloriously hot women in the world. And they smell like perfume. Yes, I care. Catherine, I'm going to make a visit Down Under and would be totally in your debt if I could stay with you for a week and watch you make pancakes in the nude. If you don't respond I'll assume that's a yes. See you in the Fall. FYI, I'm allergic to down. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue Australia