Drumroll, Please: The 2014 Movie Trailer Mashup (VIDEO)

Horror, action, comedy, adventure, and fantasy. Which is your favorite genre? If you’ve got seven minutes to spare, then hit ‘play’ to check out a mashup of movie trailers for flicks that were released this year. The clip opens with Maze Runner and transitions to Extraterrestrial pretty quickly.

By the time seven minutes are up, you’ll find that you’ve watched scenes from trailers of some of the year’s biggest blockbusters, including Guardians of the GalaxyBig Hero 6, and Gone Girl. Check it out!

How to Remove Your ‘Stache In the Most Painful Ways Possible (VIDEO)

How do you remove your ‘stache? Let me count the ways. Most dudes choose to shave the whole damn thing off if they can’t be bothered with shaping and trimming it regularly. However, engineering tech nerd Mehdi Sadaghdar decided that his ‘stache was too good for mere scissors and razors.

So he embarked on a journey to remove his ‘stache in the most painful ways possible. And even though I don’t have a ‘stache myself, this video is both painful and hilarious to watch. Check it out!

This Is the Supercut Where Everyone Yells ‘Jesus Christ’ (VIDEO)

In less that two weeks, it’s Christmas. It’s when the coming of Christ is celebrated, and it’s that time of year when nobody can fault you for being a good boy. So with the main man in mind, some folks decided to put together this supercut of clips from movies where dudes yell ‘Jesus Christ’ while they fight the bad guys and wriggle away from life-or-death situations.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and have some laughs while you’re enjoying this awesome season. Cheers!

‘Honey, I Threw Our Kid Over the Balcony!’ Prank (VIDEO)


You can only imagine the conversations had between myself and Mr. Skin. Lots of politics and gardening tip talk naturally. Once in a while, we do get around to sparing a moment to discuss the lovely nekkid ladies of Hollywood and how best to share them with the desirous readers. For his part, Mr. Skin digs a good list, and in his latest rankings, has prepared his three favorite topless lesbian scenes of 2014.

I find it hard to argue over the likes of Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Sara Malakul Lane, and Sapphic sextastic sex scenes in House of Cards. It really was a fine year for scissor kissing hot bodied goodness. Check it out.

(And while you’re at it, you being way behind on Christmas gifts and all, do be sure to get your Mr. Skin Membership for anybody you hope to call friend in 2015, including yourself.)

Check Out the Uncensored Mr. Skin Top 3 Lesbian Scenes of 2014 »