Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching, Memorial Day Edition Featuring Crazy Hot Jennifer Lopez (VIDEO)

While spending the day barbecuing and perhaps having a beer or three and always, always remembering the sacrifice of our men and women serving in the Armed Forces, past and present, I’d by lying if I didn’t say I was once more following one of my nineteen healthy addictions of sextastic celebrity videos online. I can’t seem to shake the habit, mostly because I have no desire to shake the habit. Seeing my favorite lovely MILFs and models in hardly any clothing in video form is simply one of my favorite pastimes. I feel no shame, though a lovely warmth in my cockles.

Today I’ve been peeking at impossibly hot veteran wonder-muffin Jennifer Lopez and her still so wicked alluring body, Paris Hilton preening and crawling in her new sort of music video, Zoe Kravitz crazy bikini hot for GQ, Doutzen Kroes bikini takeover of Cannes, and Miley Cyrus wearing nothing but butterflies candidly recorded in a recent venue. Some swell lovelies posing and posturing skin for the cameras. Sure, eat your dogs and your burgers, but save a little room for a dessert of visual passion. Enjoy.

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Strips Down And Emilia Clarke Nipple Peek In Game Of Thrones Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Emilia Clarke has pretty much declared she will no longer be sharing her fine nekkid body on Game of Thrones after a couple thrilling performances of the skin in earlier seasons. But that doesn’t mean the cameras might not catch a quick peek here and there of her sweet Queen nipples when blankets simply aren’t pulled up properly for discretion. It isn’t much, but it’s something for the Mother of Dragon’s fine teats.

Quite more visible and plump were the glorious udders of Rosabell Laurenti Sellers who flashed her funbags through the prison bars for the love all things sultry and ripe. Another epic topless moment in the Game of Thrones run. Joining these two lovelies was Tatiana Maslany who jumped about in panties and a bra in Orphan Black. No telling if Tatiana will ever return to bare boobtastic as she was in earlier episodes as well, but when a girl is bouncing on a bed in her underwear, there is always hope. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Game Of Thrones” HBO/”Black Orphan” BBC America

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Queen Latifah Topless In Bessie, Taylor Schilling and Paz De La Huerta Topless On BluRay In the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Well, the controversial moment is upon us and our friends at Mr. Skin have handled it with great aplomb as usual. Queen Latifah’s topless lesbionic performance as stage and singing 1920′s star Bessie Smith is out on HBO and while we didn’t cover it here directly, the linear nude on screen thinkers at Mr. Skin said, celebrity in a movie topless? Check. Here you go. So here you go.

Joining the Queen in this week’s roundup is Taylor Schilling and her crew of prison inmates baring topless cell blocks in Orange is the New Black Season 2 on Blu-Ray and Paz de la Huerta and Gretchen Mol and a cast of thousands topless in the complete series of Boardwalk Empire now also out on the HD home video circuit. You could check them all out or you could watch your lawn grow another half centimeter. Decisions decisions. I lean funbags.

And for Memorial Weekend be sure to hook yourself or your closest buddy up with an Ego-discounted membership to Mr. Skin. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, but you know, in the good tingly kind of way, not bad tingles. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin Minute


Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching? Oh, Rihanna Grinding a Girl, Emily Ratajkowski Dancing in a Tight Sweater, and Dani Mathers Showing Why She’s PMOY (VIDEO)

I’m really finding more and more that the best stuff on television is really on the Internet. Something like that. All these years storytellers of the sextastic were bound and limited by few, dismissive distribution channels, now, they fly free, unfettered by the space time and major network and studio continuum. Fly free video content birds. Even the Puritans can’t stop us now. Knock on wood, naturally. The battle is far from over.

What short nuggets of celebrity goodness have I been watching most recently? Funny you should ask. Well young hottie model d’jour, Hannah Davis, behind the scenes of her OP beach shoot, Rihanna touching herself and fans on stage in her, let’s face it, concert sex shows, Emily Ratajkowski candidly dancing in a super tight sweater, Dani Mathers showing why she deserved her Playmate of the Year tap, and Bar Refaeli behind the scenes and gym taut for Marie Claire. If you’re wondering why I don’t watch more educational videos, you’re entirely missing the point. This is my education. Yours too. The hard sciences are overrated. Long live hot women. Enjoy.

Charlize Theron Full-Frontal Highlights the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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With the summer movie season heating up, all the tentpoles will be raised, including those assisted by the forecast for the best skin reveals on screen by our prurient cinematic friends at Mr. Skin. Those people have the movie review process nailed down to a science that actually makes sense. How much amazingly hot celebrity skin will I see. Now, let’s get down to assigning the stars.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Charlize Theron bad-ass in Mad Max but not nekkid, but quite full-frontal in The Devil’s Advocate on Blu-Ray, Charlotte Hope and her nubile bar body on HBO, and Laura Donnelly in Outlander on Starz milking up a storm with her epic working teats. It’s sixty seconds of must-see skin that you really, well, must see.

And while you’re at it, be sure to get the entire library cornucopia of Mr. Skin celebrity nekkid photos and videos by becoming a valued member of that skinematic society. It is quite the fun ride, daily, weekly, whenever. Get on board before all the good nekkid women are taken. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin

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Courtney Stodden Sex Tape, It’s Officially Teased on Egotastic! (VIDEO)

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I’m pretty sure you asked for it, either way, you got it. The official release of the Courtney Stodden sex tape through our friends at Vivid.com purveyors of all things celebrity sex tape. I’d like to say I didn’t see this coming when we first met Courtney Stodden as a sixteen year old brie, but, I did. I can’t claim high powers of clairvoyance on that forecast. It just seemed to be inevitable. And thankfully so.

In the tape, Courtney Stodden teases in lingerie, removes her clothes, touches herself in ways that would get you kicked out of Catholic school, and pouts and moans. The tape is ostensibly made for the benefit of her husband, but he’s not going to be the one to buy a million copies, so, you know. you can be the first on your block to get the Courtney Stodden sex tape at Vivid. You’ll be the toast of the next neighborhood watch meeting. Tell them what you’ve been watching! Enjoy.

Photo/Video Credit: Vivid

And, the topless more fun version, if you so choose:

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Marian Farjat Leaked Sex Tape Turns Big Brother Contestant Into Nationally Famous Hottie (VIDEO)

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You may not be as enamored as I am about reality programming around the world, but as we’ve clearly established so many times previous, Big Brother is certainly a show far better in most every country not the U.S. where standard remain strict on anti-nekkidness, for the sake of the children. Argentina Big Brother is a bit more liberal you might say, though the nation of reality show fanatics was still shocked when a sex tape featuring current show contestant Marjan Farjat leaked across the digisphere.

Unlike other celebrity sex tapes, Marian flew completely solo on this video venture, showering up and delighting in the perfection of her female form as surely I would do 23.9 hours a day if I had open access to such curves and tactile opportunities. I’d probably never exit the shower in the first place. Drought be damned. There are lands yet to be discovered. Marjan, you may be the victim of some jealous boyfriend or perhaps a zealous p.r rep, but in my mind, you have already won Big Brother. May I call you little sister and help you unpack? Enjoy.

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