Chris Pratt’s Idea for the ‘Parks and Rec’ Finale Was Morbidly Hilarious

chris pratt idea for parks and recreation finale
Death for everyone!

The series finale of NBC’s Parks and Recreation aired on Tuesday night, bringing the curtain down on one of the best TV comedies of its generation. [Single tear rolls down face.] But this post is not about the final episdoe. I wouldn’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t watched it yet. Instead, this post is about what the finale would have been like if series creator Michael Schur had listened to Chris Pratt.

The entire cast of Parks and Rec sat down with Amy Poehler‘s old pal Seth Myers last night, and, among some other interesting tidbits, we learned that Chris Pratt would have wrapped things up by showing how everybody dies, Six Feet Under style.

It sounds a little morbid, I know, and the studio audience literally gasped when Pratt said Aubrey Plaza‘s April Ludgate would have died of a broken heart. However, that part was just a setup for a brilliant punchline. Watch the clip above to see what that punchline was. There’s just one minor spoiler.

AMC and Cinnabon Are Giving Away Free Buns in Honor of ‘Better Call Saul’ (Spoilers)

Mmmmm free Cinnabon...

I normally don’t write posts that require spoiler alerts. But I’m making an exception today because I don’t want you to miss out on the chance to get free Cinnabons. So, without further ado, if you haven’t seen the series premiere of Better Call Saul or haven’t finished the last season of Breaking Bad: SPOILER ALERT

In the wake of the hotly anticipated series premiere of Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul on Sunday night, AMC and Cinnabon are teaming up to stuff your face with a free MiniBon.


Well, you might recall that one of the last things we ever heard from Saul Goodman in the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad was that he planned to get the hell out of Albuquerque, get himself a new identity, and manage a Cinnabon in Omaha. So sure enough, before the Better Call Saul premiere turned its attention to Jimmy McGill’s past, the opening scene shows Saul managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.

Does Cinnabon mind the fact that “managing a Cinnabon in Ohama” is code for “living the most nondescript, boring life imaginable”? Absolutely not. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. So Cinnabon and AMC are giving away MiniBons tonight—Monday, February 9—from 5-9pm at participating Cinnabon locations. And the actual Omaha Cinnabon in the opening scene of Better Call Saul is a participating location.

Oh, and by the way, episode two of Better Call Saul is tonight at 10/9c on AMC…right after the encore of episode one.

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Can’t Wait Till Sunday’s Series Premiere? Check Out the ‘Better Call Saul’ Online Comic Book Right Now

Best promotion ever

We knew about Better Call Saul before the final episode of Breaking Bad even aired. That was September, 2013. At the time we had no idea how empty our lives would be without Walt, Jesse, and the gang. But just a few months later, we were all jonesing for a fix. And even though we knew Better Call Saul wouldn’t be Breaking Bad 2.owe knew it had to be better than nothing. So November 2014 could not come soon enough.

Then AMC went and pushed the debut of BCS from November 2014 to February 2015, and we all groaned. Could we possibly go another three months without a fix?

Now, though, Better Call Saul is finally here. The show, which stars Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks as Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut, debuts this Sunday on AMC.

However, if you just don’t think you can make it another two days, there is something you can do. You can go take a look at the Better Call Saul online comic book, Client Development, over on the AMC website.

Here’s the cover, which is awesome:

better call saul comib book client development


Better Call Saul the comic book isn’t a prequel to Better Call Saul the TV show. It’s actually an extension of the Breaking Bad season two episode “Better Call Saul,” and it explores the relationship between Goodman and Ehrmantraut—which is relevant to the new series.

It’s also the most awesome promotional gimmick of all time.

Better Call Saul premiers Sunday at 10/9c on AMC. 

Eddie Murphy to Return to SNL Stage for 40th Anniversary Special


Saturday Night Live and Eddie Murphy needed each other back in the day. The show gave Murphy the platform he needed to become a superstar. Murphy gave the show the genius it needed to remain relevant into its second decade. And yet, after Murphy left the show in 1984, he made just one more appearance on the SNL stage. Which was also in 1984.

Now, though, 31 years later, Murphy is finally returning to Studio 8H at 30 Rockafeller Plaza. On Sunday, February 15, Saturday Night Live is having a three-hour 40th anniversary special featuring cast members from throughout the show’s epic run. And Eddie Murphy has officially confirmed he will be there.

“It’s just timing,” Norbit recently told News One. “It just never worked out where the timing was right for me to do it. . . They’re actually having a 40th anniversary I think in two weeks. I’m going to that, and that’ll be the first time I’ve been back since I left.”

Of course, if you really believe the only thing keeping Murphy from returning the SNL stage these past 31 years is timing, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you. It’s well-known that there has been bad blood between Eddie and SNL going back to at least 1997, when David Spade made that crack about his career being on the decline. Murphy himself said they were “shitty” to him.

But hey, water under the bridge. Eddie is going back. I’ll tune in just to see that.

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Haven’t You Ever Wondered What ‘The Brady Bunch’ Would Be Like with Steve Buscemi and Danny Trujo?

danny trejo steve buscemi snickers brady bunch commercial
Hint: it's more awesomer...

I don’t know about you, but for me not a day goes by where I don’t wonder what The Brady Bunch would have been like if Danny Trejo had played Marcia and Steve Buscemi had played Jan. I mean, at the very least it would have made the show so much grittier.

Well, the folks at Snickers have made my wildest dream come true. They’ve created one of those “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry” ads for the Super Bowl in which Trejo, ever the badass, plays a Marcia Brady out for blood after Peter hits her (him?) in the face with a football. Then, after Carol Brady talks Trejo down from the edge and makes him eat a Snickers, Buscemi plays Jan having one of her typical Marcia-fuelled hissy fits.

It’s fantastic. And dammit, it makes me want to eat a Snickers. I guess I’ll have to go put on some pants and go get one.

(The Super Bowl is this Sunday, February 1, BTW.)

‘Let Show with Stephen Colbert’ Finally Gets a Premier Date

Coming this fall...

Nine months after David Letterman announced he’d be retiring from The Late Show in 2015 and eight months and three weeks after it was announced that Stephen Colbert would replace him, we finally know exactly when the old chapter will end and the new chapter will begin.

Last month, Letteman announced that his final show would be Wednesday, May 20, 2015. Now CBS has announced in a panel at the Winter Television Critics Association press tour that Colbert’s first show will be Tuesday, September 8, 2015.

In between May 20 and September 8? Reruns of CBS procedurals. Hooray!

Seriously, though, it’s for the best that CBS doesn’t just run old Letterman episodes all summer. That would make the grand finale in May anti-climactic. People would tune in and be like, “I thought Dave retired?”

As for what the Colbert show, CBS said that it hasn’t taken form yet, but that they support whatever direction Stephen wants to take. Which is what they’re supposed to say.

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Will Sling TV Finally Kill Cable Once and For All?

Probably not

In case you haven’t heard, satellite television provider Dish made a pretty huge announcement at the Consumer Electronic Show on Monday. They’ll soon be launching a new streaming service called Sling TV that, for $20 a month, will let you watch CNN, TNT, TBS, HGTV, Food Network, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Disney Channel, and—here’s the real kicker—ESPN and ESPN2 on your phone, tablet, PC, or television.

Why is this such a big deal? Because sports programming is pretty much the only thing preventing a full-fledge cord-cutting revolution from tearing the old fashioned cable industry apart. Millennials have figured out that they can watch the big broadcast networks in HD for free and (illegally) download Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead an hour or two after they air, easily avoiding spoilers on social media. Meanwhile, services like Netflix and Amazon Prime give them all the old (and some new) content they want for a relatively minuscule fee. However, there is no such alternative for sports. And this is what has prevented more people from ditching pay TV.

But now ESPN and TNT will be accessible for just $20 a month. If you’re an NFL or NBA fan, that means you can get rid of cable, save $30 to $ 60 a month, and never miss a nationally televised game. And that’s a big deal.

That said, don’t listen to people who say Sling TV has sounded the death knell for cable. There is still the issue of those regional sports stations that carry all the games for the local teams. Fans aren’t going to give those up, so until somebody figures out how to package them in a streaming service, cable will survive.

Sling TV is a big step forward, though. And it will be successful.

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