Have a Drink, Have a Workout: Muscles Workout Mug

Don't drink and drive. Instead, drink and workout, and you'll be better for it. We're not saying that you should run a couple of laps or do crunches after you down a cold one. Rather, we're saying if you can do something while enjoying your beer--like, say, squeezing a hand grip to give your forearm a good workout--then why not?

That's something you can do with the Muscles Workout Mug that comes with a built-in hand grip into the handle. The mug is BPA-free and can hold up to 20 ounces of your favorite booze.

Get It: $19.95

Shut Up and Take My Money: NBA Jam Arcade Machine

Remember the NBA Jam arcade game? Now you can get one for your very own home straight from Amazon. That is, if you have about two thousand bucks to spare, because that's how much a refurbished one will cost you.

It's an old arcade game, so it'll be loaded up with players who were big and active back in 1993. That means no Lebron James and none of the younger superstars that you're rooting for these days. The game lets you battle it out with three other friends on the virtual court. Are you ready to jam?

Check It Out: $2,095

So You Know What You’re Drinking: Chalkboard Flask

Never forget what you've filled a flask up with ever again with these wood-grain Chalkboard flasks. As the name implies, each little handmade hip flask has a chalk board all around that's bordered in an oak pattern. That way, you can write reminders, to-do lists, and important info like what's actually in the flask right on its surface.

Use it for drinking games, gift it to your best bud who needs to recharge every one in a while with a swig or two, or buy a couple for yourself. The stainless steel flasks hold up to 8 ounces of your poison of choice.

Get It: $20

For Serious Mobile Gaming: G-Pad Physical Controller for iPhones

The awesome thing about smartphones is that they're so smart, you can run emulators on 'em and play your favorite console games anytime, anywhere--without the console. For example, the Game Boy emulator. Some of these games aren't easy to play with on-screen controls, so it's a good thing that you can add physical controls with the G-Pad.

It's a silicone sleeve that you can slide over the simulated, on-screen controls so you can play with controls that you can actually feel instead of having to merely imagine them.

Check It Out: $8

For the Scruffy: Soft Goat Stubble Softener

Got a stubble that can't be tamed? You might love your facial scruff but it's not exactly something chicks will want rubbing all over their lips, t'ts, or cl't, or wherever it is you're giving her some lovin'. The solution? The Soft Goat Stubble Softener which turns your sandpaper-like facial fuzz into something softer and tamer.

The textured foam pads work quickly to make those sharp, rough edges so you can give some love without any of the hurt. Unless you're a perpetual heartbreaker.

Get It: $12

Pizza Ax Cuts Through Even the Toughest of Pies

Not all pizzas are created equal. Some are damn good while others are hard and chewy and taste like cardboard. Whatever is in that pizza box is no match for the Pizza Ax though, because this bad-ass pizza cutter can cut through any pizza like there's no tomorrow. Shaped in the form of an ax, this pizza cutter is best for thin-crust pizzas and pan pizzas.

You might want to put in a bit more weight and force when you're chopping--er, slicing--through a deep dish pizza or one with a particularly thick crust.

Get It: $9.99

Darth Vader Toaster: The Dark Side of the Toast

Not every day can be as great as you want it to be, but every breakfast you have with the Darth Vader can be an awesome one. As the name implies, the toaster comes in the shape of Darth Vader's helmet. Granted, it's bigger and bulkier than your typical toaster--but this is Darth Vader we're talking about, for crying out load!

The awesomeness doesn't stop with its appearance, as the toasted slices of bread that pops out will be imprinted with none other than the Sith Lord's face on one side and the Star Wars logo on the other.

Check It Out: $45