The Sith Lord Approves: Darth Vader Lightsaber BBQ Fork

Darth Vader might not be the best father figure to have, but he's someone you can turn to if you're in the mood for some barbecue. Don't believe us? Why, he's even got his own Lightsaber BBQ fork that makes barbecuing even more fun that it already is. It's forged from stainless steel and will last for far more BBQs than the number of movies in the Star Wars franchise multiplied by a hundred. That's only if you handwash and take care of it like Vader took care of his lightsaber.

Forget about the dark side or about the war being waged in the universe and just grill those burgers and sausages. Doesn't everything seem a whole lot better now?

Get It: $20

Honest Alcohol Labels Tell It Like It Is

Alcohol. Can't live with it, can't live without it. For the lonely, it's a reprieve from being all by your lonesome on a Saturday night when you'd rather be out having fun and bonking someone. For the repressed, it's an escape from a world of nagging and chores that you wish were out of the way so you can proceed with aforementioned bonking.

Total Sorority Move is well aware of these facts, which is probably what prompted them to come up with these honest alcohol labels. From 'Crying Alone' Moscato and 'Text Your Ex' Whiskey to 'Blackout' Fireball and 'Dancing on Tables' tequila, it seems like there's always something appropriate for whatever mood you're in.

Check out the rest here.

For Your Girl: Feel Good Necklace is Also a Vibrator

Give your girl the gift of beauty and pleasure, all in the same gift. Women love jewelry, that's no secret. Perhaps the one that they'll love the most if Feel Good, because that's exactly how it'll make her feel after she tries out its alternative feature. You see, Feel Good isn't just a necklace--it's also a vibrator at the same time.

The wearable sex toy comes in silver, rose-gold plated, and gold-plated and can be engraved with a special message from you to your girl. This will be your best gift yet!

Get It: $49

No More Mourning After: Toniiq Hangover Protection

Prevention is better than trying to find a cure, because sometimes one doesn't exist. Take hangovers, for example. You can drink in moderation and wake up the next day feeling good as new. Or you can binge on booze and wake up the next morning with the worst hangover ever.

Whatever you choose, make sure you pop some Toniiq beforehand to ease the pains of hangovers. They're packed with Lingzhi, which are like natural steroids for your liver, if you will, so you'll feel less sh'tty the morning after.

Get It: $22

Food In Your Head: Cheeseburger Mask

Don't be such a ham. Be a cheeseburger instead! This unusual mask will turn heads and make vegans mad the moment you walk through the doors. As the name implies and as you can easily see, it's a huge ass mask in the shape and form of a cheeseburger. It doesn't take like one, and it certainly doesn't smell like one, but it will cover the entirety of your head in meaty, cheesy goodness.

Halloween is still a few months away, but you can call dibs on being the Cheeseburger man come October 30th this year.

Get It: $30

Fake Parking Tickets: Teach Doofus Parkers a Lesson

There's not much you can do to exact revenge against sh'tty parkers who took up two spaces or parked so crookedly that there's no way you can get out of your current spot... or is there? It's not much, but you can issue one of these fake parking tickets and give them a temporary scare and a wake-up call when they see it.

The ticket lets you specify their offense and you can add whatever expletives comments that you want too. Seriousness aside, you can also use these to punk your friends and frenemies.

Get It: $5

For That Idiot Beside You: ‘I Park Like An Idiot’ Stickers

Idiots are a dime a dozen, specially idiot parkers who take up more space than they're allowed to. Unfortunately, there's little you can do when they're out of their vehicles and are nowhere to be found. One thing you can do is let them know just how much they suck. How? By sticking one of these 'I Park Like an Idiot' stickers on their bumper.

And while it's technically illegal, think of it as payback for having to park elsewhere (or even head back home because there are no other spots left).

Get It: $10