Out of This World: Star Wars Wampa Rug

It's unfortunate but the minx (aka Slave Leia) doesn't come with the rug. But as you can see, it's still awesome anyway. This is the Star Wars Wampa rug featuring none other than the snow beast that Luke Skywalker tussled with before he was preserved in a dead Tauntaun. If you've always wanted one but never dared to venture out into the mountain caves of Hoth to hunt one down, then you're in luck.

This snow beast rug will transform your bachelor pad from blah to whoa!, that's for sure.

Get It: $130

Holy Sh’t, That’s Crappy: Dog Poop Soap

How do you feel about washing your hands with dog poop after spending some time on the crapper? Sounds disgusting, I know, but only for the faint of heart. Dog Poop Soap exists and it's probably one of the grossest blobs (because sh't obviously ain't a bar) of soap you'll ever come across. It's perfect for pranks and for giving your girl a heart attack, but rest easy knowing that there's no harm done in the end: despite it's appearance, the soap is chocolate scented so you can actually use it after pulling your prank.

Get It: $9

For Super Shots: DC Comics Caped Shot Glass

Feeling more and more super with each and every shot you knock down? Well, let the world know by getting these DC Comics Caped shot glasses. They're more than just your ordinary shot glasses. Each one is imprinted with the symbol of a well-known superhero, including the likes of Batman and Superman. Aside from that, each glass also comes with its own mini cape for some added awesomeness.

We can't guarantee you'll still be feeling super the morning after though. But hey... YOLO.

Get It: $14

Boozy Breakfast: Jim Beam Pancake Syrup

Pancakes will never be the same again. The Jim Beam pancake syrup will be the only thing you'll reach for after you've tried it--once you go JB, you can't go back. It's sweet like syrup should be, with that great Jim Beam bourbon taste. Nobody will be up in your grill about consuming alcohol early in the morning, because this amazing concoction doesn't contain any alcohol at all.

Now ain't that something else?

Get It: $30

Instagate: Ready to Party Anytime, Anywhere in Your Truck

Party anytime, anywhere with nothing but your truck and Instagate. It's an all-in-one kit that contains everything you need so you and your best buds can start grilling and filling up everyone's cups mere moments after you pull your truck up. Specifically, Instagate includes a grill (complete with grilling tools), a cooler, utensils, plates and cups, napkins, condiments, a lighter and bottle opener combo, plus disposable garbage bags for cleanup afterwards.

Seems like they thought of everything, doesn't it? You need one. You need one NOW.

Get It: $39

Bitcoin ATM: For When You Need Bitcoins Right Here, Right Now

What have you bought with your bitcoins? They're the currency of choice for goods that you can't buy with your hard-earned dollars. But where can you get some when you need some? The good news is that Bitcoin ATMs now exist. First, head on over to a regular old ATM to get some cash. Then feed the cash into the Bitcoin ATM and you'll get your Bitcoins in a matter of seconds.

The Bitcoin ATM accepts notes from 200 countries, so you don't have to worry about changing your cash from one currency to another.

More Info: Bitcoin ATM

For the Beerman: Beer Briefcase

Only the most serious of beermen are worthy of owning one of these Beer Briefcases. Each one of these spiffy-looking cases can hold up to six bottles of booze, two for you and four for the rest of the guys at the office. And unless your boss has x-ray vision, then he'll be none the wiser and might actually be impressed that you're taking your job more seriously.

Strictly B.Y.O.B. though--Bring Your Own Beer. Don't leave home without it.

Get It: $45