Aaron Paul’s ‘Yo’ App Lets You Greet Friends Breaking Bad-Style With a Tap

Yo, b’tch! Wazzup? Now you can greet friends, family, loved ones, frenemies, FWBs, and everyone in between Jesse Pinkman-style with the YB app. That’s short for ‘Yo b’tch!’, as you’ve probably already guessed. It was cooked up by none other than Aaron Paul, who plays Pinkman in the awesomest TV show ever, Breaking Bad.

Your grandma might not take too kindly if you hit her up with this app, but chances are she’ll get the reference if she’s hip and if she watched BB when it was on air, that is.

Get It: Free

As Real As It Gets: Fantasy Football Championship Belt

Who said you had to play sports to get an award? You can still get one, although not the regular kind and definitely not a trophy for being the MVP, if you’ve got some cash to spare (or if you’ve got a thoughtful girlfriend who has cash to spare.) There’s this belt you can get that looks like the ones top boxers wear when they win their division. It’s the Fantasy Football championship belt that belongs around your waist, specially after how you led your team to victory this year…

  • Belt measures 53″ long and is constructed of a quality, PU leather material
  • Front Plate is a massive 9.5″ x 12″ embossed metal with enamel paint
  • 4″ Metal Side Plates 
  • 3.5″ Metal End Plates 

The left end plate is blank, so you can customize the belt with the team that you’re currently rooting for, er, managing.

Get It: $150

Smell Like You’re Drunk: Whiskey-Infused Tweed

Had too much to drink? Chances are, you smell like it, too. Now try to remember that smell–and imagine wearing clothes that have that signature stink, er, scent all over it 24/7. This is exactly what some folks from the Heriot Watt University’s School of Textiles and Design want to recreate: fabric that smells like booze.

The tweed carries aromas of “rich malt, golden vanilla, red fruit and dark chocolate tones” and has been designed to reflect the colors of the whisky ingredients. The scent is layered into the fabric throughout the finishing process and is permanently imbued in the tweed that will not go off even after dry cleaning

‘But officer, this is what my shirt smells like, fresh from the wash!’
Yeah right. Like anyone will believe you.

Inflatable Tank: Awesomeness That Comes With Air

As a kid, was your dream to ride a tank one day? Of course it was! But did you ever get to ride one? Chances are you didn’t. Well, now you can make that childhood dream come true, albeit not in the way you probably imagined, by getting one of these inflatable tanks. Just hook it up to an air compressor and watch that truck come to life.

Get It: $300

CinniBird Pen Lets You Draw On Your Latte

You’ve seen a hundred and one videos on YouTube and pics on Imgur featuring awesome yet seemingly-impossible-to-do latte art. Now it’s time you did it yourself–and it’s not as hard as it looks. That is, if you’ve got one of these CinniBird pens. You basically fill it up with the spice of your choice (cinnamon or cocoa would be the safe bet for most drinks) and you’re good to go.

When you’re ready to start drawing, just push that button and make drinks look as awesome as they taste.

Get It: $45

This Is the Supercut Where Everyone Yells ‘Jesus Christ’ (VIDEO)

In less that two weeks, it’s Christmas. It’s when the coming of Christ is celebrated, and it’s that time of year when nobody can fault you for being a good boy. So with the main man in mind, some folks decided to put together this supercut of clips from movies where dudes yell ‘Jesus Christ’ while they fight the bad guys and wriggle away from life-or-death situations.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and have some laughs while you’re enjoying this awesome season. Cheers!

Colon Blow Cereal: Have You Had Your Fiber Today?

You’ve seen it on Saturday Night Love, and now you can have it for breakfast! We’re talking about Colon Blow, the only cereal in the market that’s chock-full of fiber that you’ll find yourself heading to the toilet, ready to blow, by the time you’ve finished your bowl.

Clearly, we’re kidding, because this ain’t no laxative. Each box contains crispy energy granola that’ll fill you up when you’ve got the munchies. Are you ready to blow?

Get It: $16