Female Protestors Taking Off Their Tops Again

We do like to stay abreast of topless politics here at Egotastic, because we can definitely get behind any cause that involves the baring of funbags. Though we certainly prefer the moments when the chests are bared to induce passion, not to vent outrage. Still, I guess we missed the latest on Venice Beach over the weekend.

Check out ladies ripping off their tops for sunbathing rights on Venice Beach on WWTDD.com

British People Getting Nekkid Again for a Cause

It’s August which means that somewhere in London a nekkid protest is going on. Everybody’s kind of on European holiday hours, plus it’s one of the only two months you can take your clothes off in public in England without catching pneumonia or the plague. They’re all wearing tiger masks which ought to tell you something, or nothing.

To read (and see) all about the co-ed nekkid zoo run in London, check out the bare Brits on WWTDD.

Mr. Skin’s Whack-It Bracket Hits the Sweet 16

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March Mammarial Madness continues over at our friends at Mr. Skin, where sextastic celebrity clips are being pitted head to chest against one another in a tournament of epic proportions. What was 64 entries is now down to the Sexy 16.

Early Round Highlights: 1 Seed Angelina Jolie got knocked off by Emmy Rossum…a changing of the guard!. 11 Seed Kaley Cuoco beat out 3 Seed Megan Fox. Upsets galore. The viewers are speaking!

Vote NOW in the Mr. Skin’s Whack-It-Bracket Sexy 16watch the eros-tastic contender clips, vote, and enter for the chance to win their big deal prizes. Good luck. And may the hottest woman win.

Kelly Brook Shows Crazy Cleavage and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Jennifer Aniston talks about the nude scene you’ll never see. (HuffPo)

Coco busty new photoshoot. (theFABlife)

Kate Bosworth and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley hit the runway. (GossipCenter)

Stacy Keibler and Malin Akerman at the Vanity Fair party. (Celebuzz)

Does Drew Barrymore have a bun in the oven? (TMZ)

Eliza Dushku bikini goodness. (Celebslam)

Kelly Brook mega cleavage. (TheSuperficial)

Coming Soon: An iPad Case That You Can Truly Interact With

You might have already heard about Fleshlights, which are joy toys that made quite the buzz when they were first released to the market.

Fleshlights are shaped like flashlights, only instead of a bulb, it’s got a rubbery contraption inside that’s meant to simulate the female hoo-ha. Unlike flashlights which you use so you can see in the dark, you’d probably want to use these fleshlights in the dark instead–if not to simulate the faux intimacy, but to save yourself from the shame that you’re actually making the sexy with an inanimate object.

The newest pleasure toy that this company has come up with is the Fleshlipad iPad Case. That’s not the final name yet, but it’s easy to understand where it came from. It’s basically a case for your iPad with a Fleshlight attached to the bottom. It will be marketed with an app that will give you visuals on a female body so you can have a better, fake tingly experience.


Adele Sex Tape? Rumors Abounding Across the Net

Look, we don’t make the news (not unless you avidly read the vice arrests on the police blotter), we just report it.

Thanks to ‘Hanachi’ for the following  heads up:  Alleged Adele sex tape allegedly set for release on thernet.

Okay, so that’s a lot of alleged’s. Still, could we soon be seeing Adele literally rolling in the deep?

(Credit to Cousin Jonathan for that tasteless pun.)

Forget Call of Duty, Real Men Need the Retro Love — The Simpsons Arcade Game

A series for those of us who remember the good old days. The days when consoles had processing power equal to your average toaster, and enormous cartridges that often wouldn’t work unless you blew on them. How that was supposed to have any effect, I can’t imagine.

What retro consoles did have, though, was a slew of amazing games. One of my favourite functions of the Xbox 360 and PS3′s online stores is the opportunity to buy some of these classics, cheap as chips. Let’s take a look at one game, that’s been repeatedly requested and only just released: Konami’s The Simpsons Arcade Game.

The game was originally released in 1991, in fantastic not-seen-often-enough-any-more arcade cabinet form. It’s a scrolling beat ‘em up, instantly familiar to those that grew up on a diet of Streets of Rage and the like. There’s a token storyline to justify the mass pummelling, as always. Smithers drops a diamond whilst on a raid, which Maggie catches and sucks as a pacifier. To retrieve his treasure, he takes off with both jewel and baby. Before you can say ‘Kidnapper!’, the pissed off family are in pursuit.