Even More Alison Brie Deep Cleavage Swimsuits For GQ

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Alison Brie sweet hot water, even more photos from her sextacular set from GQ Mexico. Alison Brie isn’t your traditional exhibitionist model, but when she decided to turn on the alluring spigots, oh, how they do run strong.

Last week we saw a few of these photos from the full pictorial, primarily in black and white composites. Now, the vastly underrated passion inducement of Alison Brie in a cleavetastic swimsuit in full color. You know, how ever many colors there are in the rainbow. Seven? Plus or minus five, I’m not good with guessing. But I’m firm, as it were, when it comes to identifying the sextastic. Alison Brie is covered in that. Oh, that we can some day soon see more. I’m going to hold my breath until it happens. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GQ Mexico

Maitland Ward Busting Out of Her Silk Spectre Costume at LB Comic-Con

Our dearest ginger topped object d’ funbag lust Maitland Ward is now a hot commodity at the various Comic-Con conventions, including Long Beach over the weekend where she came as one of the Watchmen characters, nearly fell out of her top, had something resembling a banana fed to her by some bad guys, and then maybe sort of flashed where babies come from. That’s what I call one crazy hot nerd day.

Maitland has that ripe and lovely body built for turning geeks into, actually, I think geeks pretty much just stay geeks, but maybe hornier versions of their earlier selves. I tend to stay away from these public events because I’m pretty sure it’s where measles and despair come from. But you know if Maitland is showing off, our cameras will be there to capture every lean, bend, and preen she makes. I really do need to call her about initiating our Adult Nursing Relationship, these diapers are starting to ride me something awful. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Charlotte McKinney, Kym Johnson, And Peta Murgatroyd Workout Gear Killer Views for DWTS

As you know, there is no reason for any man to be watching Dancing With the Stars. I’m not judging you while I am judging you. This isn’t the town council of Footloose telling you that it’s illegal to dance. This is your Uncle Bill telling you that if you revel in DWTS, your bobos will shrivel to the size of raisins and drop off. Like taking steroids, but without the benefit of the muscles.

Having said that… there are at least three good reason to check out the parking lot practice session photos for DWTS. Namely, Charlotte McKinney of OMG look at that asstastic in shorts renown, Kym Johnson who is just one sturdy bootied young woman, and Peta Murgatroyd who likes to dress like she’s in a sexy aerobics commercial 24×7. I want to live in a sexy aerobics commercial, so this works out well for me. Naturally, this entire assemblage of stellar lady bodies is what we call in the making-men-men business, a trap. Don’t fall for it. Just spy and move on. Trust me. I want you to have children of your own someday. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Bella Thorne Strutting in Leather, She’s Got That Grow’d Up Ginger Lust Crush Thing

Bella bella. The ginger topped teen slash emancipated world traveling movie starlet Bella Thorne is kicking up the ogle worthy skills by several notches in bare midriff, leather bottom looks just strutting about Hollywood like the star that she now is. Talk about coming into your own, Bella Thorne has risen quickly from the Disney ranks to become a nearly all grow’d up TV and film full time working thespianic and all-around perfect casting for the hot high school girl. Which she seems to be now in most every single movie. Oh, how I always loved those despicable popular girls and cheerleaders.

It’s hard to say at this point where Bella’s career track will take her and where it might peak. It’s safe to say it’s clearly now on the rise and I can only hope to say when she hits barely legal later this year it takes another noteworthy uptick thanks to some more racy reveals. We shall keep our fingers crossed and our candles lit. Somebody needs to wish for the important stuff. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Sophie Simmons Covered Topless Full-Bodied Hotness in Galore

if you happen to dig the women with a little body on their bodies, then you’ll be quite visually inspired by the new pictorial of celebrity daughter Sophie Simmons and her soft body in leather lingerie and some strappy things that speak to one fun evening after seeing Fifty Shades. For several years now Sophie has been championing the cause of curvy girls to make their visual wonderment case while being half-nekkid. No matter which side of the fence you fall on in terms of personal preference, you have to respect her process.

Featured in the new edition of Galore magazine, Sophie gets black and white and naughty underthings all over. She’s naturally looking her best in the chosen photos. There’s no doubt she doesn’t fit the category of traditional VS or SI model. But I’m a man who believe in non-categorization. Mr. Happy can tell you what you like and what you don’t like, we don’t need to label the world objective. Let the lust take you where it will. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Galore Magazine

Nikki Lund Bikini Pictures Ripe With Curves Heat Up the Chilly Malibu Shoreline

Nikki Lund is a fashion designer and a model. I can’t speak to her clothes making skills but I can speak to her ability to look ridiculously sweet in a bikini at the beach. I’m not sure why she colored her hair purple, crazy kids these days, but I’m not going to let it detract from my perusal of her candy coated body in that skimpy two piece.

I know it was rather chilly at the beach this weekend as I was out there with my metal detector searching for enough lost watches to pay my rent. I got six bottle caps and what I believe is a piece of Madonna’s back brace. Needless to say, Nikki Lund is a trooper for braving the cold for the sake of the show. Neither sleet nor snow nor temperatures dropping below 70 for a few days in Los Angeles can keep our sextastic celebrities from making their appointed exhibitionist rounds. And rightfully so. This is very much in the public interest. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Elle Fanning Make-Up Free Tights Workout

Elle Fanning might be in more movies these days than James Franco. She’s got a ton of work. When I was her age I too had a job, but it was stocking women’s shoes. While it lent itself to one of my more adult fetishes, I can’t help but feel it was less thrilling than spending my days stretching in yoga and dining at the craft services table on movie sets. I suppose Elle also must do some faux high school work as well somewhere, she’s a busy girl.

Elle is the kind of natural hippy teen who isn’t going to be bothered seen without makeup in the public rough and tumble streets of Hollywood. She’s a dancer, an actress, and growing into one fine young woman without the modesty to find outdoors promenading in just a leotard an issue. I can respect that. When she turns eighteen, I can respect it in a whole different manner. Tick tock. Keep up the dancing, Elle. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet