Nadja Bender Sweet Sultry Asstastic for Vogue

Nadja Bender is another in the line of Danish goddesses that spring forth from that benevolent nation to model and make men feel happy around the planet. It’s like a little hotbed of dream makers. Nadja Bender most definitely included on that list.

In another sultry leaning shoot, Nadja focuses her perfect tight thumper toward the camera in various skimpy undergarments and dresses and makes you wish she were your date to the burger joint after quitting time. Yabba dabba Danish. There’s just something about this alluring woman that draws you in and makes you want to handcuff yourself to her ankle. I’d love to see her Houdini out of that one. I hope it take days. Nadja, you’re driving me kind of crazy. The good kind of crazy. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: David Bellemere For Vogue Spain

Julia Lescova Sexy Sweaty Booty For Treats Magazine

Latvian brunette beauty and former face of Guess, Julia Lescova, got everything but nekkid in this sultry hot bondage get up for Treats magazine, the periodical that lives up to its name.

Now, I’m not one to turn away from the sight of one smoking hot and sweaty woman showing off her derriere and other well heeled fine female parts in a racy photoshoot. In fact, I turn right toward it and stare blankly like a dog awaiting a biscuit. Julia Lescova is my biscuit. Oh, man, look at those biscuits. Oh, man, I wish she’s strut around my hilltop home in that little number. Step one, get a hilltop home. Step two, convince Julia Lescova that I need to shoot her nekkid in support of a charitable cause. Step three, hope she doesn’t investigate. Oh, my, but she inspires me to devious dreams. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Treats Magazine

Lia Marie Johnson Growing Up Sextastic in the Afterglow

Consider me a big fan of Lia Marie Johnson, the Internet modeling and acting and singing and whatever the crazy kids list these days on their resumes to gain traction. The barely legal teen YouTube and social media sensation has been doing more and more legit modeling, so when I hear she’s in something called Afterglow Magazine, well, that name alone evokes so many lovely thoughts, I just had to check it out. And share.

Lia’s not quite into the bathing suit portion of her media competition pageant, still in the G-rated territory, but there’s so much potential here it’s really quite almost off the charts. One good looking young woman with ambitions and a body to match the dreams. Hers, ours, everybody’s. At some point, this is going to leap from good to great. This is why I can never sleep. I wouldn’t miss a second of it. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Afterglow Magazine

Miss Colombia Named Miss Universe 2015, Hot Bikini Poses for All the World

Might fine work from Miss Colombia to be named the winner of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant. She now will travel the world representing something or other and just being super hot and making people feel good to be alive. That’s mostly the role I believe. Paulina Vega, hard to argue with that selection. Just so blessedly alluring and you know how I feel about the sultry Colombianas.

What can be said of beauty pageants in the end? I don’t know, those thoughts are too big for me. Plus whatever I feel about their role in modern society kind of fades away when I see dozens of lovely long legged beauties in bikinis and heels parading across the parquet stage. It continues to be a magical moment. I sometimes rub vaseline on my teeth too just to feel more connected. That was probably an overshare. Congratulations, Colombia! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Jennifer Aniston, Ariel Winter And Sofia Vergara Highlight the Boobtastic at The SAG Award 2015

Here’s my quick read on the SAG Awards last night. Jennifer Aniston looked damn amazing, Sofia Vergara looked ever epically sultry and veteran hot, and Ariel Winter might’ve stolen the show if we were allowed to talk about her teen titan curves to any prurient extent. But we can’t, so, just ignore those for now if you’re able. Blasphemer.

There were several other sextastic celebrities geared up for perhaps the biggest night of the year for actors to compliment other actors and pretend their astronauts or firefighters or grave diggers or other important professionals. Still, even when standing in a circle slapping each other on the back, there’s no doubt this is the good looking set and when decking out for the occasion, there’s really nothing else like Hollywood Award season for a promenading of the hottest ladies in the world. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Getty

Kendall Jenner Braless Nipple Pokes The Best Part of Paris Fashion Week to Date

Who said fashion week was good for nothing? Okay, I am the one who usually says that, but inevitably something pops up that changes my mind. Or pops out. Like Kendall Jenner nipples poking commando through her gray top which I’m sure costs a fortune but we’ll never know why. That’s called fashion.

Kendall was running to and fro through the streets of Paris over the weekend shopping and sightseeing and being seen and naturally preparing herself for whatever difficult role awaits her on the catwalk. Distant gazing and all. But she seems pretty excited by the entire milieu of the City of Light, her headlights bursting through like a seasoned ambitious model. Did you really think I’d let me distaste of haute couture cause me to miss Kendall Jenner nipples? Nay, monsieur. Nay. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Salma Hayek Busty Lingerie Bad Ass in ‘Everly’

Did you know Salma Hayek had a movie just come out direct to the web where she’s in her apartment battling gangsters trying to kill her? It’s called Everly and from what I can tell, Salma spends most of the movie in her underwear holding guns. Yes, I know that’s awesome.

This looks like an overseas production being sort of sneaked into distribution in the U.S., which is a shame, because only half the world wants to see Salma in her bra and lingerie fighting villains. Or just, you know, taking a bath and rubbing lotions into her amazing funbags. That’d be a good movie too. I have ideas you know. Oh so many of them center around Salma in her undies. Dios mio. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Everly