Nina Agdal Wicked Hot Beach Bikini Bunny of My Dreams

It's unclear whether these are functional bikinis for swimming and splashing, or more lingerie type items designed for Nina Agdal to remind some incredibly lucky bastard that he hit the girlfriend jackpot as he watches her slink around the room in these shiny little two piece numbers from Beach Bunny.

Nina Agdal wouldn't be allowed to wear any clothing if she were my gal, you know, slash Danish indentured servant whose passport mysteriously went missing along with all her cell phones and texting devices. She just looks so damn stellar fine in tiny little bits of bras and panties and thongs and other little bits of material fortunate to be rubbing up against Nina's lady parts. Oh, to come back as a bikini wedged into Nina Agdal's waxed areas. That is the reincarnation dream. Enjoy.

Sylvie Meis Lingerie Shoot Smoking Dutch Delights

We now are officially going with the Sylvie Meis naming for the blonde Dutch hottie MILF who split with her soccer playing husband last year or so. It certainly seems official. Hopefully she won't get married and change her name again, I can only memorize so much. My gray matter is not what it used to be. But my eyes are still working fine, so married or divorced, I know Sylvie Meis is simply one of the world's finest lingerie models. I'd certainly have to consider any proposal from Sylvie very seriously. Even if she just proposed I get out of the tree outside her bedroom before she called the cops.

Sylvie has been modeling for Hunkemoller lingerie for some time now. I'm going to ahead and declare them a successful lingerie line by the mere fact that associated their lacy little bits with this super sextastic model must surely be moving serious units. I can feel my own moving right now. That's wrong, but as a tribute to Sylvie, ever so right. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Poses All Kinds of Slinky Hot

You could do worse than having Nicole Scherzinger model your slinky dresses. You could do worse than having her private modeling the Emperor's New Clothes in your bedroom late one Saturday evening. On the off chance that latter moment doesn't come to fruition, settle into this Misguided Collection for Fall 2014 with Nicole showing how hot their clothes can look on one super sextastic woman with an absolutely perfect body. Misguided indeed.

Nicole Scherzinger can't possibly qualify as underrated, but let's just say she doesn't get all the attention she deserves for being a world class especially amazing looking woman. I would give her such attention if I ran this world. I'd even document such attention on cell phone video and upload it to my iCloud account with the password 'BillGetsLucky'.  Just saying, in case the hackers are reading. No reason you can't release those tapes. Enjoy.


Vivica Mitra Bikini Turns Heads Pimping Water and Making Friends

Oh, my oh my. Just when I've had way too much expensive bottled water pimping along comes half-Indian hottie Vivica Mitra and her splendidly exotic good looks and ridiculously hot bikini body selling the very same on the shores of Malibu. How can I dislike a consumer products venture that brings much skin to the forefront of their marketing efforts? That would be almost un-Egotastic.

Vivica Mitra's struts across the sandy SoCal shorelines reminds me of about half the dreams I have each evening, or about ten thousand, involving a sextastic multi-ethnic hottie walking toward me whispering what I believe to be is 'take me now, Bill' but only when she gets close do I realize is actually 'can you maybe not stare at me so much'. Such is the tragic nature of my life. To be so close to lust, but never to fully taste. Enjoy.

Daphne Joy and Her Cleavage of Joy Host Hottie Even at the Cosmo

Thanks to our friend Garry from for these cleansing photos of Daphne Joy and her mounds of joy, no nuts. She really has started to grow on me. The girl formerly known mostly as 50 Cent's baby mama has become a chesty celebrity in her own right by way of deep deep cleavage at Hollywood events. You might call that a minor accomplishment, but try telling that to her epic funbags on display last night at The Cosmo for some super party that forgot to invite me, Mr. Party, to their event.

Sometimes, a good looking woman with enormous knockers in a low cut dress is all you need to turn your boring affair into a party to remember. Actually, that's true pretty much all the time. If Daphne Joy is available, I'm definitely inviting her to my Canada Day parties in the future, because admittedly, they have kind of sucked in the past. Go big or go home. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Cleavage and Hot Legs for Kimmel

Selena Gomez really is growing into her role as minxy sex symbol these days. The starlet has turned into the ingenue who has turned into the confident petite hottie who struts onto the set of late night talk shows to promote her movies and songs in classy, but revealing cleavage and leg baring dresses, knowing she will be the absolute center of attention. That takes confidence, some maturity, and a whole lot of sextastic.

Selena Gomez hit up Jimmy Kimmel to talk about her new movie, explain that negative comments about her online don't affect her while looking affected, and generally just look as alluring as my belusted little Latina diva can look. I wasn't paying attention to her words so much as I was ogling her fantastically perfect lovely female form. I hope her movie does well, whatever it is. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Flashes Extra Crotchety Crotch Shots for the Good People of Australia

I suppose if Aussie Iggy Azalea is going to roam the streets of America flashing her coochie cleft, it's only fair that Miley Cyrus take her crotch flashing show to Australia to give the good folks of Sydney a solid view of her leotard sucked up into her lady nest. That's the type of free trade you don't hear discussed much in Washington, but it really is the most important.

Miley has turned flashing her lower parts into something of a fine art along her Bangerz tour, though every now and then you can just tell she's putting a little more oomph into exposing her nether regions. I can't imagine the tween girls of Australia will soon forget this performance. It's kind of like attending a sex ed class set to music, or whatever you might call Bangerz. Miley, once again, you have raised the bar for all other pop divas. Or lowered the bar I suppose if you were to take an unnecessarily moral stance. Either way, thank you for being on the forefront of public displays of crotch. Enjoy.