Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini MILFy Pose Down On the Sandy Shores of Miami

Consider me fascinated with the BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee. Admittedly, that fascination lies heavily with the hot worked and yoked body she's perfected post-babies to give her one of the tautest lady bodies on that very heavenly sextastic lady filled beach in Miami. This mom not only holds her own, she often literally holds her own. That's called spice.

Thank you kindly to Jennifer for sharing these hot of the presses poses of her stellar body on the beach posing down like a woman half her age but with twice the naughty knowledge. It's a dangerous combination that likely proves very lucky for her romantic mate. If JNL can crack a walnut between her cheeks, imagine what she could do to... yeah, forgot. This is a family show. But go on and contemplate the delicious pain. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie Bikini Yoga Stretching All Limber and Sensuous on the Beach in Miami

Just strutting around the beach in Miami isn't enough for petite hottie Lisa Opie. No, she needs to go and do some dramatic yoga posing putting her lean, taut, and sweetly bottomed bottom in all sorts of dramatically fantasy inducing positions. I'm not saying it would be awesome to be her boyfriend with a menu of such inclined, declined, and bowed position, but I'm guessing it would be something super close to awesome. Okay, now I'm losing my train of thought.

Yoga has been very very good to the gentleman oglers, most especially PDYs, public displays of yoga by the lithesome and limber among our fairer sex. I could watch Lisa Opie upward bow all day long and never grow tired. I suppose she might tire at some point, but sacrifices must be made for the good of the salacious leers. Keep it up, Lisa, the scores are not yet in. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Flashes the Deep Cleavage for Her Own Parisian Peaches Display

Not to be left out of the girls always flashing serious boobtastic in Paris this week for the all important fashion shows, Selena Gomez dazzled my very heart in a low cut thingamajig that showed off her thingamajigs in stellar fine fashion. I'm sure there's all sort of fashion elements I'm missing in my review of her wardrobe, but I'll just call it sextastic kitty show off wear, complete with a few unspoken meows. Selena looked mighty fine. And with the competition in Paris, you have no other choice.

Te amo, Selena. Despite your one distinctive flaw in choosing boyfriends, I continue to pine for you in the way a man pines for a woman he wants to slather in honey and pretend he's a hungry Pooh Bear. That dress certainly ins't going to de-pine me any. Thought of the Devil's Midget aside, Selena Gomez has so much petite hottie potential. I'd hate to see a single ounce of it wasted. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Goes Super Deep on Cleavage To Make Fashion Week Interesting

Another day, another Fashion Week. And for all my bitching, yet another chance to see tons of the world's hottest models trying to outdo each other both on the catwalk and in the audience. That's not such a bad thing really. In fact it's a really great thing when the likes of uber-MILFtastic Miranda Kerr shows up to some hoity-toity show in a plunging neckline that plunges straight to my happy nether regions.

The Aussie model and world class hot divorcee was showing off an acre or two of her chesty goodness behind some frock I'm sure costs more than my paycheck. My annual paycheck. Nevertheless, I'd trade all my earthy riches, or about $78.22, for a chance to help Miranda Kerr test the funbag containing worthiness of her gown. How those lovely peaches stay in their crates I do not know. But I wish they hadn't. What a delicious sight indeed. Fashion doesn't have to be boring, it just usually is. Today, Miranda Kerr does her best to make it compelling for men as well. Well played, good woman. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Nipple Pokes For Your Braless Workout Visual Wonderments

I suppose hottie housewife Joanna Krupa is just happy to be in Los Angeles. I'd like to think it's because of me, but it's mostly likely the Beverly Hills shopping, the sunshine, and she'd probably be forced to say her husband on camera, though I'd like to think I make the Top 100 reasons list. Either way, her superior nipples were trying to bust out of her sports bra top like nobody's business as she made her way to the gym in Hollywood.

Just knowing Joanna is back in town without any bra on is kind of happy news for me. Just like I live in a part of town adjacent to nicer parts of town, I'd like to think I'm Joanna Krupa nipples adjacent, if not in physical proximity, then certainly in virtual thoughts. She really is quite the stunning woman. Her headlights alone are blinding me. That hot worked out body, I'm losing other senses as we speak. Keep up the good braless work, Joanna. We need you now more than ever. Enjoy.

Stella Maxwell Lingerie Shoot Sextastic to the Last Booty Drop for Urban Outfitters

I love it when a hot model mixes with tiny bits of silky and cottony underwear bits and somebody happens to be taking photographs. That's just magic by the numbers. Stella Maxwell looks just so udderly fine in her Urban Outfitters lingerie catalog shoot, I just had to share. Forgive me this indulgence.

You know how I feel about how blonde girls with overbites. Like I just want them to nibble me all over from five feet away. Oh, the lovely precious white overbites just drive me mad. Most especially when attached to a ridiculously hot woman in bra and panties beneath. Stella, you have inspired me soul this very day. I might pen a poem or build a castle or maybe just take a nap wrapped around my six pack of Pacifico. Suffice it to say, it'll be something special, dedicated to you. Enjoy.

Teri Hatcher Busting Out Of Her Tank Top and Hottie MILF Perfect in Shorts

Teri Hatcher might be just a couple months away from the big 5-0, but age is just a number to my view of the world of celebrity sextastic. Fifty is the new, damn, check out the hot mom in her tank top and tiny funny parts hugging shorts running around Los Angeles. Teri Hatcher is jogging most days with her daughter and the results are showing up as the veteran actress continues to impress with chestal assets and allure of the veteran some two decades after rising to super popularity.

I'm going to lightly to strongly suggest that all hot moms adopt something similar to the Teri Hatcher standard wardrobe of Hooters waitress on the move. If you've got it, please, I beg you, flaunt it. Covering up your MILfy goodness benefits nobody. C'mon, you're sweating it out in yoga and Pilates more than just to feel good in the mirror. Shine your sextastic light on the world. Bless you, Teri Hatcher. Show us the way. Enjoy.