‘Godzilla’ Director Gareth Edwards to Helm First ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff

Surprise! It's about Jar Jar Binks

So that Gareth Edwards guy is having a pretty good week. Last Friday Godzilla debuted to mostly positive reviews and crushed the weekend box office, so Warner Bros. gave it a sequel.Today, thoroughly persuaded that the man can handle a big budget action picture with legendary subject matter, the folks over at Disney officially handed him the reigns to the first hotly anticipated Star Wars spinoff, slated for release in 2016.

And I thought I was having a good week because my cat didn’t puke on my bed. Life: it’s all about perspective.

Of course, the folks at Disney have not yet announced the subject of the first character-based Star Wars spinoff. (I was totally kidding about that Jar Jar Binks thing.) However, the internet seems to have narrowed it down to Han Solo, Yoda, and Boba Fett. And given that a Boba Fett origin story would probably make fan boys’ nards explode, I’m putting my money on that.

Whoever the subject of the movie turns out to be, though, we know it will be After Earth scribe Gary Whitta doing the script, which is absolutely hysterical when you think about it. 

“So, Gary, what movies have you written”

“Well, sir, my most recent film was After Earth.”

“Stop right there, son. You’re hired.”

But no, I’m sure Whitta will do a great job.

The untitled first Star Wars spinoff is slated to hit theaters December 16, 2016.

Kanye West Still Claims He’s the Creative Director for a ‘Jetsons’ Reboot and Not a Gay Fish

Let him finish...

Yo, I’ma let you finish, but Kanye West had one of the best Twitter rants of all time! One of the best Twitter rants of all time!

Yeah, Kanye went on a huge twitter rant last year. If you’re into that sort of thing, you’ve probably read all 80 or so of them.  If you’re not, we’ll just give you the one highlight: West said he was going to be the ‘creative director’ for a live-action Jestsons film.

And you’re all,’What? I thought he was a gay fish?’ And we’re all, ‘Possibly, but he’s also a really big Jetsons fan, apparently.’ But then the movie’s producer Lisa DiNovi was all, ‘No. That’s not happening.’ Then…this week, he did it again, he dropped a reference to him being the ‘creative director’ of a Jetsons flick. In a bizarre interview in W Magazine leading up to his recent Yeezus album, he dropped more Jetsons chatter.

Will he have George wearing stupid glasses and constantly self-aggrandizing? Will all of the Jetson women be sporting Kardashian-sized back? Will Kanye’s mistress Leyla Ghobadi do something? Here’s hoping all of that happens. Summer space-train wreck 2015!

Because No One Really Likes Dean Koontz, These Are the Top 10 Stephen King Movies Ever

Earlier today we posted the teaser trailer for the new adaptation of Carrie, originally a book and then-movie by Stephen King. And while it left me a little on the ‘meh’ side, it made me think back to all the great adaptations that have been done of King’s work. And if you don’t think there’s been a lot, just check out his imdb.page. My internet crashed just trying to load everything.

That’s because King’s one of the most prolific authors working. When not working on novels, he pumps out novellas and short stories faster than Ben Kingsley in that scene from Schindler’s List. Not all of them are great (I’m looking at you Dreamcatcher) and some have little to do with the source material at all and just use the title to bring some of that King-cache with them to the box office (oh, Lawnmower Man, didn’t see you there), but some of the greatest films of the last thirty-five years have been spawned by King’s pen.

His movies and mini-series have won Academy Awards, Golden Globes and Emmys. When done right, the master of horror’s work provides epic, sprawling films that terrify, educate and enlighten us (I learned how to crawl through a river of human feces simply by watching Shawshank).

So while we have to wait until April to see if the new Carrie can even hold a candle to the original, here are the 10 Best Stephen King Adaptations.

RAP IN PEACE: Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys Dead at 47

Fare-thee-well, MCA

Read more about the death of Adam Yauch from our breaking news friends at TMZ.

Three New Clips from ‘Men in Black 3′ Now Online (VIDEO)

Men in Black 3 New Clip
Tommy and Will and Aliens and Space Guns

It’s been over a decade since a new MIB movie was released, so it’s safe to say that Men in Black 3 has been a long time coming. Fans will be pleased to know that Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) are picking up right where they left off to do what they do best: rid the world of aliens.

Not only are the dynamic partners back–but they’re also gearing to go back in time.


Selena Gomez En Fuego En Azul En Puerto Rico Concert Over Weekend

We love it when Selena Gomez ditches the midge and heads out on the road for her bubble gum pop concert tour; the legs, the cleavage, the hotness, being just a few of the reasons we so dig such calendar moments. 

Selena took her cheeky stage act down Puerto Rico way over the weekend to screaming hordes of young teen girls (and one grown man watching from afar with his Egotastic! spectacles) as Selena Gomez once again made me personally very jealous of a microphone. I think it’s the way she holds it. Or purses her lips up against. But it’s driving me all kinds of crazy. Oh, yeah, she sang some songs too. Enjoy.

Reader Snaps! Rihanna Drops the Concert Sexy in Torino

Reader Snaps may just be our favorite new site phenomenon. And, no, please stop sending lewd photographs of your grandma taking her epsom salt baths, that’s not what we’re talking about (except for you ‘Mitch J.’, your grandma is kind of hot). 

Egotastic! Reader, ‘Signore Matteo V.’ hit the Rihanna concert in Torino (‘Turin’ if you’re reading my Yankee-fied diary about the time I hooked up with a Romanian BBW in a church alley in that fine city) and he took along his finest bit of photographer hardware and snapped some sextacular shots of the sultry diva working her body on stage to the delight of screaming Italians. Buon lavoro!