Candice Swanepoel Lingerie Pictures Extra Hot for Summer Skimpy Underthings Show

You don’t really get much more classic hotness than the magnificent South African sextastic lingerie model Candice Swanepoel doing precisely what she was put on this planet to do, look ridiculously hot in little skimpy bits of lingerie, in this case, for her latest Victoria’s Secret catalog shoot.

Candice has a face, body, and everything else perfectly tuned to turn little bits of silky nothings into big moments of half-dressed wonderment that has at least me constantly reaching for the phone to call ‘Peg’, my V.S. sales lady in Ohio and asking her if they still take I.O.U.’s for lingerie purchases. (They don’t by the way, I just got off the phone five minutes ago). Thankfully, imagination is free, and I am currently purchasing the bra and panties right off of Candice completely gratis as we speak. Enjoy.

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Brooklyn Decker Topless. Yes, Son, This Is Heaven


My first thought when I saw these amazing Mark Squires photos of the even more amazing Brooklyn Decker all kinds of sexy and topless was, ‘Why is the room spinning out of control?’ When I woke up a few hours later with Gretchen waving smell salts beneath my aquiline nasal feature, I had to ask if it was all a dream or if I really had seen the ridiculously hot Brooklyn Decker boobtastic in its bare glory. It was true. I confirmed with a 90-minute blinkless ogle. Wow. Brooklyn Decker topless is how I imagine heaven to be, but even better than puffy white clouds are her full ripe bosom atop her statuesque Nordic form. Now my only concern is somebody letting me in the gates. Enjoy.

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By Popular Demand: Nicky Whelan See-Through Bikini Pictures To Awake Your Inner Weasel


Wow, we got way overloaded with literally moist mail from the Egotastic! nation asking to see more of the super sexy Aussie Nicky Whelan while we await her topless pictures from Hall Pass. And, a million and one members of the drool-for-Nicky army insisting that this classic see-through bikini photoshoot for Wicked Weasel teeny weeny bikini company is the previous high bar of hotness for this blonde bombshell. I’m certainly not going to argue otherwise, not while employing the amazing properties of H20 to see some sweet Whelan nipples and Down Under lady parts. Wow. Wicked Weasel indeed. I’m in lust. Enjoy.

Emma Watson And Her Blues Dress Provide A Wild Night of Nip Slips and Panty Peeks


The last time a little blue dress became so infamous, well, it wasn’t little, and nobody except for the leader of the free world cared to peek under it, let alone soil it. However, much much happier times for the color often associated with sadness, but now a perfectly hued wardrobe malfunction provider over the weekend as gorgeous ginger Emma Watson delivered some epic nip slips and upskirt pictures as she completely mishandled boob tape and firmly-clasped-legs-exits from limousines, much to the greater good of that same free world. For one dress to provide both Emma Watson top and bottom wardrobe malfunctions, well, that’s the blue dress that ought go down in history. Epic. Enjoy.

(Note: yes, I know there’s still boob tape around the delightful teats of Hermione Granger, however, there’s nipple mixed in; it’s one sticky crime of lust scene.)

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Maria Menounos Rings in the New Year With Lip Slip Wonderment


Welcome to 2011.

And here I was worried about how I was going to open up another sextastic filled year of Egotastic! when along comes the gorgeous Maria Menounos on New Year’s in not only a ridiculously hot set of sexy swimsuit candids from Miami Beach, but these sexy Maria Menounous bikini pictures flash some super clear lip slipping views of the Today Show and Access Hollywood correspondent’s lady nest. My, oh, my. Am I a man who believes in omens? You bet I am. 2011 is going to be amazing! Enjoy.

Photo credit: INF Photo

Purported Christina Aguilera Sexy Pictures Provide Songbird Candid Hotness


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(Update: 12.09.10: Yep, it’s Christina, confirmed. Check out the quote from Aguilera’s camp on Celebuzz. They say pilfered, but they always say this; a P.R. stunt or indignant ex-husband seems a just as likely explanation.)
- – - – - – - – -

Fire. Penecillin. The cameraphone. Perhaps the three most important technical leaps forward for mankind, not necessarily ranked in order of importance. If these photos are indeed Christina Aguilera, then she appears to be the latest and greatest diva to be sharing her walk-in-closet half-nakedness with the world via the ever reliable ‘anonymous friend’ as cameraman. These Christina Aguilera pictures seem to be shot around the time of the racy Not Myself Tonight music video and several months before her imminent divorce and other life changing events, showing the sexy diva both in her classic Marilyn look, but also depicting the ‘this is how I look in the morning, deal with it, guys’ pose. Personally, while I’ve had my ups and downs in terms of Xtina sexy, I’d take her both ways (I mean, take her looking both ways, not take her both ways, although…) because there’s still something special about a singer these days who can actually sing and I give her extra leeway in occasionally looking like a world-weary artist. Enjoy.

Note: thanks to Egotastic! fan ‘Chris M’ for locating this promo picture of Christina Aguilera in her home walk-in monster closet. It sure looks familiar.

Here’s the Not Myself video from Christina Aguilera in case you’ve not seen before:

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Gisele Bundchen Topless Pictures With Bare-Ass Shots for the Super Candid Photo Win!


How many times have I changed in the car only to wonder if paparazzi were potentially snapping pictures of me in my birthday suit fashion? That answer would be never, even in my post-medicinal herbal paranoia days. However, my name is not Gisele Bundchen and I am not one of the world’s hottest women. If only it were so. Bless the cameraman who clicked these exclusive Gisele Bundchen topless pictures capturing the sextastic, hot-bodied, supermodel going for a quick change of wardrobe during a photoshoot in St. Barts. Wow, amazing boobs and butt and body on this super MILF. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame