Amanda Seyfried Topless Live in Grainy Theater Performance Of ‘The Way We Get By’

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I must admit I’ve turned my nose up at theater, or is that down at theater, fearing that it’s too highfalutin for my simple taste in the performance arts. But then nobody told me you could buy a ticket to a Broadway show and see Amanda Seyfried topless. Talk about burying the lead.

Amanda and that guy from The Newsroom play a particular scene in the legit The Way We Get By, which I’m going to assume without looking is about a troubled relationship, the source of 98.3% of all stage players not involving Spiderman. Some good Samaritan managed to not heed the pleading of the actors to turn off all their cellphones and captured the moment of epic beauty when Amanda pulled her tshirt over her head and gave the audience a solid glimpse at her perfect Nordic knockers. To the theater, I say! All the world’s a stage and we are merely oglers. What a lovely day indeed. Enjoy.

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Klaudia Brahja Topless With Chains, It’s a Thing Alright

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Consider me beyond fascinated by this portrait of Klaudia Brahja by photographer of epically hot women, David Bellemere. I’m not sure if it’s the chains in combination with the ridiculously hot body of the model who happens to be wearing not much of anything by the way of clothes, but this entire visual bit of wonderment has me spinning in libidinal circles. This must be what love feels like. I’ve only ever felt it before with a puppy, and ten thousand crazy hot women.

I’m not suggesting alluring women in chains is some kind of submissive messaging. I’d gladly take the chains and allow Klaudia and any of her cute model friends to use me as they see fit until I learn some lesson I will forever pretend to not learn. It’s really just the girl. The hot sextastic girl. I need to buy some flowers or an e-card or something. Love does certainly lift the spirits. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: David Bellmere

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Chrissy Teigen Topless Beach Peeks For Dujour

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Remember when we caught Chrissy Teigen in a photoshoot along the shoreline posing pretty much topless in playful design with her singer husband? Well, I do. I mean, naturally, we cut out the husband. Who needs those. But it was really our best ever candid view of Chrissy’s funbags to date and quite a spectacular set at that.

Well now you can see the results of that beachy photo fun time in Dujour magazine where they show quite a few less topless photos of Chrissy than we saw while spying on the shoot, but enough to remind us the basics of why she’s been our belusted for some time here. Not many women have risen so high on the celebrity charts with less IMDB credits than Chrissy, but a peek at her jugs gives some indication of the secret to success in the business of the sextastic celebrity. As it should be. Two by two the greats shall be divided. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Dujour

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Big Brother Poland Soapy Topless Shower Time, Prepare To Get Dirty

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As you know from my repetitive mini-rants, reality television is far better overseas due to the simple fact that most countries outside of the U.S. allow some levels of nudity on broadcast television. I know, it’s a wonder those nations haven’t exploded in a massive ball of fire and brimstone and Sodomitic confetti. Nevertheless, craptastic reality show plus super plentiful boobtastic bare and soapy often, equals more than palatable television fare.

Take for instance the current edition of Big Brother in Poland. I mean, take it, it’s awesome. The bevy of Polski beauties frequenting the showers and changing rooms and pretending not to notice the cameras mounted on the walls is pretty breathtaking. It also happens to be my locker room dream since I was a wee lad. Oops, you dropped the soap. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Big Brother Poland

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Big Brother Winner Paula Gonzalez Topless Behind The Scenes For Interviu Magazine (VIDEO)

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Paula Gonzalez won herself the most recent season of Big Brother Spain which you probably don’t watch, because you believe there are more important things to view. But there probably aren’t. The blondish Iberian landed herself a spot in the nation’s topical Interviu magazine including a sweet hot and en fuego photoshoot with an equally kind to the eyes look behind the scenes.

Paula is naturally sporting boxing gloves and booty baring shorts like most serious pugilists, though it’s doubtful most involved in the sweet science have a body like Paula’s, certainly not one on such stellar display. There’s no reason women can’t be athletic and ridiculously alluring. Though I will admit the allure can drop a bit when they kick your butt in every single sport. I still have nightmares of one past romantic interest, how could she bench more than me? I regret the challenge. Paula, I’d regret nothing with you. Punch men, beat me, just be there when I collapse into your bare goodness after a standing eight count. You’re in good hands, or you’re about to be. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Interviu

Rebecca Louise Topless Piercings Flitting About Her Boudoir

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P Magazine continues with it’s memorably line of naturally shot models in their own boudoirs with this visually simply sextastic peek at Rebeeca Louise and her pierced nipples rolling through the sheets of the bed in her apartment. If you’ve ever wondered how to make claustrophobic over priced New York apartments look desirable, just have a ridiculously hot model like Rebecca Louise toss and turn and roll and preen quite undressed across the bed.

If you think about it, a bed, a fridge, and a loo is about all you need to be happy in home life. That presumes of course that Rebecca Louise tossing about nekkid in the bed is part of the equation. In that case, I don’t really even need the fridge. There will be no energy left to eat. I’ll take intravenous Gatorade on a drip from the roof top as I use powerful magnets to keep Rebecca’s perfect funbags never more than a hint away from me. I always plan ahead, with science. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Chi Yan For P Magazine

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Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Strips Down And Emilia Clarke Nipple Peek In Game Of Thrones Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Emilia Clarke has pretty much declared she will no longer be sharing her fine nekkid body on Game of Thrones after a couple thrilling performances of the skin in earlier seasons. But that doesn’t mean the cameras might not catch a quick peek here and there of her sweet Queen nipples when blankets simply aren’t pulled up properly for discretion. It isn’t much, but it’s something for the Mother of Dragon’s fine teats.

Quite more visible and plump were the glorious udders of Rosabell Laurenti Sellers who flashed her funbags through the prison bars for the love all things sultry and ripe. Another epic topless moment in the Game of Thrones run. Joining these two lovelies was Tatiana Maslany who jumped about in panties and a bra in Orphan Black. No telling if Tatiana will ever return to bare boobtastic as she was in earlier episodes as well, but when a girl is bouncing on a bed in her underwear, there is always hope. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Game Of Thrones” HBO/”Black Orphan” BBC America

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