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Breast Cancer Awareness Month, For the Love of the Women We Love

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Not that every month shouldn't be, but in October we especially give attention to the plague, plight, and all around horribleness of a disease that affects our girlfriends, wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, and even those aunts who always sent us socks for Christmas. And for our Sapphic leaning lovely lady readers, this affliction might even be more personal.

As gentlemen oglers and lovers of all things breast, we have an especially strong interest in promoting healthy female bodies, encouraging women we know to be tested early and regularly, and to help support charitable organizations that fund breast cancer research, prevention, and treatment.


The one thing all ten million of us who visit this site each month share in common is the love of women, head to toe. The greatest act of chivalry you may ever achieve is helping a woman prevent or overcome this rampantly widespread cancer. Imagine how awesome that would be on your knightly resume. Enjoy.

What’s Going on, Egotastic?

Funny you should ask. We've been experiencing a bit of a Three Mile Island meets suspension bridge designed by toddlers kind of meltdown here. It's mostly related to having hardware built around the turn of the century. Not the most recent one. We're working diligently to fix it. Not me, obviously, but people far less lazy than me. You'll probably see occasional ups and downs until it's stable. Also, the boobs won't flow quite as prodigiously for just a little while. When we're back to full speed, I'll be sure everybody gets their proper fill. Thanks for your patience.

Share Social Media Picture and Video Finds

I'm always quite proud of myself when I can update anything myself on this site. Unlike many of you, I didn't have the advantages of secondary education, I mean, secondary to elementary school, so my technical skills are somewhat limited.

However, as many of you are sharing your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media finds with us, I did update the Contact Form just for that purpose.

I can't properly attribute your hottie finds on social media as I can with our regular Friday Reader Finds, but trust me when I say, myself and our world are just as equally grateful when you do. I have my minions scouring the social feeds for photos, but I'm certain I'm still missing some good ones each week. The volume is just so high these days. Thanks.

SITE NEWS: Calling All Original Video Producers

Somebody once said you can't always get what you want, you get what you need. I think it was the Rolling Stones. It might've been my mom explaining why I was getting the painful shoes from Payless again. I always got the part about not getting everything you want, but nobody really ever explained to me how you get what you need. I'm interested in an original video production partner for the bigger brighter obviously far more dangerous future of Egotastic! If nothing else, I need to start faking production better because the last girl I had running around here nekkid soon figured out my camera was fake and that whirring sound was just me making noises in the back of my throat. I do not like being beat up by girls.

If you happen to be L.A. local and particularly proud of your digital video producing chops and or shop, I'd love to see your relevant work. No male nudes please, I just had a big crab salad.

Hit me up on the Contact Us page under the Video Production topic. And, thank you.

Please Be Kind to Jack Week

As many of you know, in addition to my work here at Egotastic!, I also perform as a deep background skater for major Disney on Ice shows. What with this Frozen explosion, I'm going to be gone a day or two or three over the next couple of weeks being the best damn skating tree I can be. My buddy Jack will be filling in for me. And, yes, I am aware of the irony of a man named Jack posting pictures of hot women on Egotastic.

You are certainly welcome to ridicule him, just bear in mind that his mother dropped him on his head as a young child, and not by accident. Also, he's Cuban, which means he's either a Communist or he hates Communists, I can never remember. But suffice it to say, he owns many knives and he will kiss a man square on the lips without the slightest bit of social hesitation. He's going to report back to me and if any of you are bad, no more boobs for you for a week!

Egotastic! Proudly Continues Its Eight Year Long Ban on Celebrity Kid Photos

The collectively upright folks at #nokidspolicy have asked us and other media outlets to sign a pledge to refrain from posting paparazzi photos of celebrity kids. Since we've spent the last eight years specifically ensuring there are no celebrity kids in our photos, not to mention stupid men who ruin perfectly good photos of sexy women, we will happily sign.

Personally, it's always amazed me that the pearl clutchers spend so much time fretting about the sight of boobs online while themselves perusing through magazines cooing over how adorable other people's preschoolers look as captured by men hiding in bushes. To each their own. For our own, we sign the pledge and strongly encourage other media outlets to follow suit.

You will survive without seeing Suri head off to grade school. Really, you'll get through this. Enjoy.

The Topless Feminist Protestors Are Now Battling Putin

Putin does seem pretty intent on bringing the Ukraine back into the old Russian-Soviet fold. But then, he's never faced the ferocity of the girls from FEMEN. The Ukrainian borne topless feminists who make their way around the world screaming their heads off and covering their bodies in indecipherable text. They're back!

Check out the latest photos from the Topless FEMEN protestors now in Times Square on WWTDD.