Catdammit: Because Craptacular Monday Mornings Can Even Drive Cats to Homicidal Chainsaw Rampages (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - July 2, 2013

Cats, as we know, aren't all that different from us. They shit in the neighbor's yard with a merry nonchalance. They stride over to their friends and show them the gore-leaking fresh-fragments that are all that remains of their latest victim, as though they were expecting an good job, dude! High five! reaction to the thing bleeding all over our kitchen linoleum. They sit motionless and glare at passers-by, with an expression that suggests their nefarious world domination plans could ensue at any moment, if they could only be assed to move.

Needless to say, that's all of our favorite pastimes right there. We were practically separated from these hairy, indifferent bastards at birth.

But today, another insight into the man/feline connection was established: they hate Mondays as much as we do. Behold CATDAMMIT!, courtesy of crazy-ass Polish developers Fir & Flams. Somebody has spilled our cat-protagonist's milk. He has mixed feelings about the whole now-milkless situation, and loses his shit completely. As such, your objective in this top-down 3D action game is simple: savage everything that moves (and everything that doesn't) with a chainsaw.

This little oddity is PC-bound, for free. It's also making gaming history as the first appearance of "a milcoholic cat who, one day, finds himself a chainsaw in the local dumpster. But because his hobo-paws are dirty and sticky - he can't let go of it. It gets even worse - the chainsaw turns on and now our not-so-sober hero is roaming the streets with a smoking death machine in his hands. No furry, cute citizen is safe today." (-indiedb) That's a premise and a half.

Source: kotaku.

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