Catarina Sikiniotis Sexy Blue Bikini in Mykonos

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aldo-vallon - August 27, 2017

 What in the world is Catarina Sikiniotis wearing? Is that a blue leopard print bikini, or some sort Rorschach inkblot test? Part of me hopes the answer is neither and it is really just black silhouettes of naked women, because otherwise I am going to hear an earful the next time I visit my psychoanalyst. He is always going on about how I sexualize everything, but I am just like, "Wow, you have a pretty mouth for a dude. Who is your dentist? Is she single?"

Catarina looks like she has quite the mouth on her as well. I always find myself wondering if people with perfect teeth like that had to wear braces or not? I have heard some people's teeth naturally grow in straight, but I have yet to meet one of these unicorns. Most people have their teeth grow in like a jigsaw puzzle from hell and then spend a small fortune putting them back in place. Now that I think of it, dental work is kind of like the opposite of a man getting a toupe, because anyone getting work done hopes other people notice it, and if it is bad then no one will assume anything was done to begin with.    


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News