Catalina Uribe Bikinis Pictures Make Us Wistful of Our Sudamericana Hotness Explorations

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bill-swift - April 5, 2012

Every single stop on our Sudamericana hotness journey last year was downright amazing, ever country in our virtual visit a literal RV stop of pure visual joy. But it really did all begin with Colombia, the bedrock of inspiration for our journey in the first place. Not that it's so different from it's sextastic Latina filled neighbors to the north, west, east, and south, but it does produce an inordinate number of sextremely hot young women, including our recent first-peeps on Colombian model Catalina Uribe.

Long time readers of Egotastic! know full well that all girls named after islands or states are pretty much bound to be hotter than the average population, but Catalina -- way hotter. Check out this Columbian-famous model in her bikini photoshoot and see if you aren't begging us for a seat on our next virtual RV trip down the Pan American highway. Enjoy.