Cassette Tape Plays Up Your Home Decor And Other Unusual Coffee Tables You’ll Find Awesome

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bill-swift - January 25, 2013

The first things that people look at when they step into your flat isn't the size of the room or the mat by the door. No, based on firsthand experience, it's the size of your TV and the look of your coffee table. Okay, so a lot of people probably don't give a shit about what kind of table you have, but if you had a really cool one, then I'm sure that would make them pay attention.

By cool, we mean something like the Cassette Tape coffee table that (no surprise here) looks like a gigantic cassette tape!

Sure, it's old school and reminds you about those cringe-worthy mix tapes you used to make for all your girlfriends, but as a coffee table? It's kind of pretty cool.

This particular one is sold by Tayble and come in several colors, so there's a good chance you'll be able to find one that matches whatever theme you've got going in your flat. If tapes aren't your thing, then check out the gallery for a whole bevy of other customized coffee tables (some DIY and some that you can buy straight). Who knows, you might actually find one that you like.

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