Casey Batchelor Reminds Us Why It’s Such a Blessing When Big Bosom Girls Shoes Come Untied

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bill-swift - January 3, 2015

There's something simply graceful about girls with big ole yams reaching down to tie their shoes. Sure, it's not super gentlemanly to stare at a woman's cleavage baring down her top, but at times the bounds of chivalry must be expanded for the sake of the leering tingles. Like peeking at the maximum bodacious goodness of Britty reality star Casey Batchelor bending over to get those laces. She has some rather noteworthy winter melons that simply must be visually scanned to be appreciated.

While numerous of my New Year's resolutions require me to be a more decorous fellow, several more compel me to double down on my ogling efforts lest a I miss a solid share for you dear readers. Life is really a balancing act. My scales tend to go off kilter when the likes of Casey Batchelor start leaning forward in low cut tops. I am only human. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI