Caroline Vreeland’s One Piece Barely Contains Her Breasts

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brian-mcgee - August 29, 2017

Instagram sensation and Los Angeles socialite Caroline Vreeland really needs to make a decision here. She either needs to wear a one piece that fully accommodates her breasts, or she needs to let those babies breathe a bit more in something more revealing. 

Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy getting a look at the upper third of her breasts as they make their way outside the tight confines of her one-piece. I just wish that she would either not tease us so or just let her freak flag fly and pop those puppies out! There's nothing better than a trendsetter, and I know it can be hard in Miami Beach to go topless since doing so resides in a legal gray area, but why not shatter that glass ceiling and let slip the dogs of war, so to speak?

These are all things for Caroline to ponder before her next trip to the beach. Enjoy this view though since no famous woman is ever caught wearing the same swimwear twice. It's a huge faux pas apparently, so we'll never know whether or not she learned her lesson... unless her next piece of swimwear makes it pretty overt. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News