Carmen Ortega Bikini Body Photoshoot Brings Miami Heat to Beverly Hills

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bill-swift - May 22, 2013

The last time model Carmen Ortega was in L.A., she was having a fling with Reggie Bush, maybe or maybe not behind Kim Kardashian's back, depending upon which tabloids you read in the bathroom. This time, she's gone even bigger, or more bodacious, in an undersized bikini for her oversized body for a Beverly Hills photoshoot.

You might say that Carmen is the Latina Kim Kardashian. But those types of comparisons seem silly for anybody with some measure of character or an IQ in the triple digits. Still, there's no denying some bodily similarities, though Carmen seems to take it up to volume eleven in her boobtastic/asstastic double whammy visual wonderment offering. Always have to be one step or cup size ahead of the competition. Enjoy.

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