Carmelo Anthony Unfaithful

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jhanson - April 19, 2017

When you marry an NBA player you have to expect him to give you chlamydia at some point. He'll also buy you a G Wagon. For some, it's an amicable trade off. Carmelo Anthony is rumored to have knocked up a stripper who is demanding money. When you're fucking a stripper raw dog you've officially given up on your wedding vows. Also, how do you hot have AIDS, or do you? Carmelo was reportedly known to justify his philandering with the following platitude: 

"La La is married, I’m not."

Would the minister agree with you? It seems like a really douchey attitude, one probably shared by every player in the league. To his credit, it didn't seem like he went to out of his way to hide it. That's not to say you should rub it in your wife's face, but she had to have known what she was signing up for when she found all that lube in your shaving kit.

It's a situation where you don't really get to complain. Now is probably the time where Anthony regrets his reckless behavior and tries to get his wife back. Or just fucks a few more strippers to clear his mind. Name it Sapphire Jr.

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