Carlton Gebbia Bikini Pictures Reveal The Crazy Hot Woman You’d Not Expect to Have Been Fired

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bill-swift - June 4, 2014

You probably don't closely watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. You're a man. You eat beef jerky and pour concrete and don't have time to watch middle-aged women with drinking problems have drinking problems. Not when there's sports on TV you don't. But, occasionally, one of these housewives turns out to be super hot and ridiculously sweet bodied and you have to pay attention. Like Carlton Gebbia. She made it through one season of the show before being fired recently. Naturally, you're gong to want to fire the girl who looks like this in a bikini from your TV show. That ought to explain just about everything you need to know about the audience demographics.

Carlton took to the beach in Malibu for her own bikini body show, twisting and twirling and juking and jiving all in the name of showing precisely how fit she is. I'm not sure I could ever fire a woman who looks quite like Carlton in her bikini. Maybe I could write a Post-It or something. But not in person. I'm weak before the sextastic. So so weak. Enjoy.