Cardi B Misses Offset’s Penis In Her Throat And Other Places

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Sam Robeson - December 19, 2018


Just when Liam Hemsworth's penis seemed like it was going to be the one to cap off 201-peen, Offset - literally whoever the fuck that is - and his dick are here to steal the show. Offset previously dated RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Cardi B, but the two recently called it quits, even though he tried to win her back when her PR team scheduled him to do so during a planned impromptu appearance at her show. He came with $15,000 worth of roses. I didn't cover that story. Because it was insanely stupid.

But for some reason I'm covering Cardi B talking about getting destroyed by Offset's penis on Instagram Live. Hey no one's perfect. In the clip, Cardi B can be seen sipping on her coffee while practically cumming at the thought of being Offset's dick pincushion. It's honestly pretty gross, but Cardi B did just have a kid, so, maybe this video will be a helpful tool in lifting the veil on the mysteries of childbirth. How are babies born? Aw sweetie mommy gets railed like a porn star.

Photo Credit: Instagram Live via TMZ

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