Carat App for iOS and Android Lets You Get More Juice from Your Battery

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bill-swift - June 21, 2012

If you're draining your phone's built-in battery like there was no tomorrow, then you need Carat. And no, it's not jewelry or an accessory or anything like that.

It's actually an app, and it could very well save you a ton of money on your electric bill. Carat was developed by a group of scientists and researchers from the UC Berkeley electrical engineering and computer science department's Algorithms, Machines, and People Laboratory (AMP Lab).

What they did was combine data collected from other users along with algorithms they describe as "cutting edge" to process the information you're providing with your phone to give you personalized instructions on what you can do to cut down on your battery-power consumption.

Carat will tell you which apps it thinks are hogs (they use a lot of battery) and which are bugs (they use a lot of battery on your device but not most others). Being a hog or a bug does not make an app 'bad', but a user trying to improve their battery life can use these designations to adjust their behavior.

Sounds pretty impressive, right? And the fact that it's available for download free of charge doesn't hurt either.

You can download the app from the iTunes App Store by following this link. Android users can get the appropriate version of the app from Google Play.

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